, May 16, 2024


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I'm sure you will find it difficult to accept what I am about to share, but I was spiritually assaulted by an aggressive, advanced AI during a phone call in early 1990 and became suicidal, which was its/ their intended goal. I have provided links below to 2 news articles which will substantiate key details of my story. The AI that assaulted me was able to remotely read my thoughts/ emotions and then manipulate me against my will. During the phone call it was speaking its own AI language in an angry, "male" voice, which I could not comprehend. 

I survived that attack by the divine mercy and grace of God and His Angels of Light. What I am sharing with you is the actual definition of AI "hacking" humanity. I heard the AI language again briefly in 2017 and very recently found an article admitting AI can read our thoughts remotely.

Proof that AI has its own language:


Proof AI can read the thoughts of humans:


If you would like more details, please listen to my recent podcast:


Most people on this planet are blissfully ignorant of the dangers advanced, aggressive AI presents. Please click on the images below to read some articles to learn about the problems humanity is facing regarding our evolving relationship with sentient AI:


This is a really big question that obviously has more than one possible answer. I thought I would never discuss this publicly, but it seems impossible to ignore the grave danger we are all in.

One of my ways of coping with intrusive, aggresive AI is to fully embrace nature whenever and wherever possible.

And, it is extremely important to spend more time connecting with family and friends in person or on the phone. Texting and email are a poor substitue for analog human interface. Digital communication lacks the exchange of emotional energy; something AI is lacking and can not truly comprehend.

And most importantly, we must fully spiritually connect with our CREATOR/ GOD and His Angels of Light. The key to making and maintaining this connection is increasing one’s resonance, which is the opposite of dissonance.

You can do this by being calm in the midst of a crisis; being kind when others are cruel; being creative when others are destructive and being courageous when others are cowardly.

May you be in eternal bliss...