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I heard Ian Punnett read your letter on Coast to Coast radio this Saturday - 11/8/08.




Thanks Doris.

Please click this link to hear Ian read my letter, in part, on the air...


I just read your letter to president elect Obama and I've still got goosebumps. We were discussing this on another message board and I've got a question re. John Podesta? Is seems to us that Obama is going to be inundated with problems heaped upon him.

He was briefed the other day and its the first time I've seen this guy look actually haggard. The weight is going to be lowered onto his skinny shoulders until his knees buckel, but what about Podesta? We have got footage of him from YouTube asking that UFOs be dealt with openly.

Maybe he will be the go between. Clinton, dispite having an avid interest in the subject, got nowhere. But if what you say is true and if UFOs are now going into and out of no fly zones over Washington, D.C., then it looks like things are again heating up.

I believe these dudes are here for a reason and it's not sightseeing they have in mind. I'd love to hear back from you. Meanwhile, I'm going back to read your letter again. Nice job. Bravo.



Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and write to me. I wrote that letter last Thursday (Nov. 6, 2008), immediately after hearing that J. Podesta would be leading Obama's transition team.

As I said in my letter, Podesta stated publicly that he was pushing for disclosure so I and my associate in D.C. contacted Podesta and his Public Relations agency Podesta/Matoon. We were told that there was no way any public official would address this problem of ongoing violations of prohibited/restricted airspace over D.C. because they would be held publicly accountable for actually doing something about it.

To be clear, Podesta and the people around him at Georgetown University and Capitol Hill, do not really know how to initiate discloser re. UFOs and or ETs. That is why my letter (and photos) exposes their true political position on this sensitive subject.


Robert Stanley


Simply amazing and very well done!

Let me know if you get any "noise."


Mr. Stanley,

If only it was as simple as showing a newly elected president that the majority of Americans want UFO disclosure. But it isn't. Continued UFO secrecy has nothing to do with this idea that most people somehow can't "handle the truth" about this phenomenon.

If you've done your homework on this subject like many of us have, you'd understand that UFO secrecy is tied directly to the geo-political power structure in the world, and to the energy situation. UFO's travel by means of exotic technology, which would render oil obsolete almost overnight.

This implies that those in real control of world events are not presidents or politicians. Yes, it means acceptance of a conspiratorial world-view - one which acknowledges that we have all been lied to, manipulated and controlled for most of our lives about extremely important matters, of which UFO's are but one.

UFO's are not officially disclosed because if they were, it would mean the end of the control structure that the elite (those who have established the UFO topic to be above even sitting presidents to know about) have enjoyed for generations.

Unbeknownst to most sincere people who yearn for UFO disclosure is the fact that, at least in the short term, their lives would be dramatically, and negatively altered. If the stock market can experience a sharp decline because of nervousness over something like the yen, what do you think would happen if it was suddenly announced that UFO's were real?

For those of us who have researched this topic, UFO disclosure at this juncture is more likely to happen for all the wrong reasons. There is strong evidence that plans to spin this announcement with fear and xenophobia in order to rally mankind against a perceived alien threat from outer space has been on the drawing board for well over 10 years. Why?

For the total control the elite seeks to establish. I admire anyone who makes a concerted attempt to promote UFO disclosure, but the reality is that, without the ET's direct intervention in this cause, the truth embargo regarding the most seminal event in human history will continue.


I appreciate your perspective. My open letter only mentions one, little known aspect of why UFO disclosure is not occuring in D.C. My book, "Close Encounters on Capitol Hill," deals with this subject at length and features interviews with retired military and civilian experts.

Dear editor,

I do applaud your idea of addressing this subject with the president elect, but I object to the way you addressed the president elect. You could at least have dredged up a modicum of politeness from your upbringing by putting a "dear" in front of his name. Since this was missing, the "respectfully" at the end of your letter will not convince anyone.


Dr. Sabine Lucas

Dr. Sabine,

I apologize and have amended the opening of my letter to read: Dear President Elect.

Dear Robert,

I'm glad to hear that. I am convinced it will help your good cause.

All the best.

Dr. Sabine Lucas


Great letter. Hope it works. I have some friends in the military and some of the stories they can tell about UFO's and such. I am smart enough to know there is something going on, but I have one problem.

I am from western Kansas and I do keep an eye out to the heavens and I try to be aware of the going on's around but in all my years I have never seen one damn UFO or a little gray dude.

Hell I want to take a ride in wish the truth would just come out and be done with it. We are approaching the scary times in this world and will be seeing a lot of things that we would wish didn't happen or exist.



This is very good thanks....& some great replies too....!!!

Best regards,


Dear Robert,


Thanks for that! I especially liked the photo of the comet like one close-up. I'll be glad to send it on. We forget about that aspect of our world with so much else happening - thanks for the reminder.

Hope all's well with you.



Greetings to you Robert,

I visited your website and what don't quite understand is, why worry that our most fearful, mis-information-passing government refuses to acknowledge our celestial visitors, or Watchers? (These are the terms I believe best describes these energetic beings.)

The government has no hold on our minds and thoughts, and seems to want to instill fear and doubt to better control the masses, especially the advanced thinkers, and earth to sky watchers.

Even using the word "alien" conjures a scary, mean-spirited entity. And, yes, I agree with the spirit of your letter to President-elect Obama and will pass it along.

In gratitude,



I just watched this documentary that thousands, not hundreds of German scientists were recruited to make anti-gravity crafts and that their excuse was that they were "out of this world" OR WEATHER-BALLOONS to protect national security and their "testing".

It's not to say that they are not out there but why would a U.F.O. crash, maybe shot down? They even showed the White House! I totally dig your letter. Do some research about the Nazi's working on "The Bell". It's pretty crazy. The "Flying Wing" and vertical take off was invented decades ago. In no way do I discredit your letter nor your sighting and efforts.

What's interesting is their blueprints were almost identical to your photo. I just think nobody was qualified to fly such a vessel. Earth-made or not. Crazy shit, I wish I could've recorded it, but I'm in Oregon. Maybe you can find it, I believe it was the History Channel.

I'll save your open letter to Obama, but I don't know anyone to give it to YET...


Dear Robert,

This is excellent, of course. Everything you write is something all should read. I'd like to forward this to Jeff Rense if that's ok with you. I think he'll post it, too. Hope you're having a nice weekend. It's a "high energy" day for me. Strange.

Best to you,


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the link to your letter. Will send along as requested and hope things are going well with you.

Talk to you soon,


Hi, Robert,

I read your letter with great interest and am forwarding it to Dirk Vander Ploeg for republication on UFO Digest.


Robert M.


Incredible pictures... and letter. I will do what I can. Have some ideas. jb

Hi, Robert,

Your photos are compelling. How can we work together?

Bill Burns

UFO Magazine


This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thank you for this brilliant letter which I will circulate and forward. Please check out

Alfred Webre


When President Jimmy Carter tried to obtain UFO files, he was denied; he was told his clearance as President wasn't sufficient to be granted access to that data. I'm told someone needs the classification of Cosmic Clearance before they are briefed.

Not since George H.W. Bush was President has ANY President had access to that kind of data, and that was only because he had formerly been head of the CIA, which carries automatic Cosmic Clearance.

Dick Cheney, however, is another story. He was privy to most of the data George H.W. Bush knew, and at one Press Conference, shortly after ding-bat "W" took Office, when someone in the Press Corp asked him about his knowledge of UFOs, he said: "You wanna know about UFOs?"

And then he pointed to his Vice President, Dick Cheney, and said, "There's yer man, if you can git him to talk." And then "W" left the podium. Cheney allegedly flinched at the remark, and was immediately rushed off the stage and surrounded by the Secret Service so no one culd get to him.


Apparently, my idea is catching on. The open letter below was written by Larry Bryant.


Dear President-elect (9 Nov 08):

As you, Sen. Obama, prepare to take office, you have the opportunity to create a "presidential legacy" of astronomical proportions. Considering that the worldwide UFO-E.T. presence won't go away quietly into the night, and that certain government agencies (including the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of the Navy) have known this cosmic fact of life for decades, I'm asking that one of your first presidential acts be the appointing of a Presidential Commission on UFO-E.T. Disclosure.

The proposed commission's charter would focus on such goals as -- -- Promptly ending the world governments' truth embargo on the reality that some of the reported unidentified flying objects represent hardware from elsewhere. A government's telling the truth to the public never has been a matter of partisan politics.

As President Carter began his tenure, he received several thousand letters from Earth citizens of all walks of life, urging him to apply his knowledge, experience, and authority toward ending officialdom's Deepest Secret: that we share the universe with other sentient beings.

Likewise, President Reagan publicly expressed his view that the reality of advanced extraterrestrial life forms could have a unifying (if not a calming) effect upon Earth's rampant tribalism. And President Clinton formally sought access to agencies' hard-core evidence of UFO reality during his tenure, his former chief of staff (and now your transition team's chief) John Podesta famously noting that the public "can handle the truth."

Bringing some of the best minds, professional talent, and accomplishments from government and the private sector to bear on coordinating the public's stakeholdership in sharing and exploiting the knowledge of UFO-E.T. reality.

At its most local level, the disclosure-acceptance process already has begun in America's heartland. The leaders of that grassroots project are charting a course easily adaptable and extendable by the proposed presidential commission.

I'm talking about Denver's proposed ballot initiative to create and operate within that city an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission (see its web site at ). History shows -- e.g., as with the U. S. civil rights movement -- that a nation's governors occasionally must be prodded into action by the governed.

President Johnson's legacy on this principle stands as a beacon by which you, sir, may bring official, worldwide UFO-E.T. disclosure to fruition. By the stroke of a pen, your executive order establishing the sought-for commission can set in motion a chain reaction beneficial to all citizens of Earth.

The moment for this paradigmal shift in UFO-E.T. awareness can never be more ripe. Please seize it promptly -- and thereby help us all reap its rewards. Thank you for accepting this challenge among the many facing your administration. And good luck in helping fulfill an awakening public's role in the cosmos.

LARRY W. BRYANT Director, Washington, D. C., Office of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy 3518 Martha Custis Drive Alexandria, VA 22302

The following is from Michael Ellegion

The Million Fax on Washington

Press Release - November 15, 2008 Washington, DC

The United States has a new President Elect and PRG is notifying the political media to be on alert for a large quantity of letters, faxes and emails heading for the senatorial office Barack Obama and later the Transition Office.

Letters will begin arriving in the second week of November after clearing security screening. This movement was launched to motivate the American people to send a clear collective statement to the President Elect, between November 5, 2008 and January 20, 2009, that the people in this matter CAN handle the truth and DO have a right to know.

This initiative is gaining international attention, and citizens of other countries are joining the effort. The decision by the United States Government, formalized in 1952, to embargo the truth regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race impacts all peoples and nations. PRG has created a Facebook group page - Million Fax on Washington.

Facebook is the most powerful networking community on the Internet with one hundred million active users, and PRG expects this community to contribute a significant portion of the letters, faxes and emails to the President Elect.

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett has conducted 30 plus media interviews on the Million Fax with more scheduled throughout the 77 days of the presidential transition. Contact Stephen Bassett 202-215-8344

Barack Obama’s Fax #: (202) 228-4260

Presidential Transition Team Washington D.C. 20270

Phone number: 1-202-540-3000

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