Gamma Rays, Consciousness & the Universe

By Robert Stanley

"It is a Universe in which vanishing energy is the inevitable consequence of its radiating existence, in which this energy source requires death, to us an absence of energy or lack of documented proof of existence that has vanished, but this state is necessary in order to renew itself.

"The incomprehensible fact of scientific proof and thought of a Universe which, whatever else it may be, is most certainly a Universe created according to human specification. Therefore, we must be open to any possibility including those outside our current scientific experience and knowledge that will give reason to existence."

- Roland Beanum

Gamma rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, like radio waves or light rays or X-rays, but with a shorter wavelength and a higher energy. All these forms of radiation have properties of both waves and particles. The particles are tiny packets of energy called photons. Lower-energy photons are emitted when an electron changes energy level in its atom, but gamma-ray photons are emitted when the nucleus of an atom changes its energy level. Photons are also emitted when a high-energy electron interacts with matter, with a strong magnetic field, or with other, lower-energy, photons. Gamma-ray photons are also created when matter and antimatter meet, such as when a positron and an electron meet and annihilate one another.

All these processes are going on in our universe, and each activity produces gamma rays with characteristic energies - or a flux of gamma-ray photons with special characteristic shapes. When an excited nucleus of an element de-activates to lower energy levels, it emits a gamma-ray photon that is characteristic of that specific element. That is why gamma-ray astronomy is so important. It can help us to better understand what processes created photons and what kinds of atoms were involved.

Because of the extremely short wavelength of gamma rays, they are measured, not by their wavelength of frequency, but by their energy. Visible light that is measured in this way has an energy in the range of one electron volt while the lowest energy found in the gamma-ray range begins at a tenth of a million electron volts. As yet, it is unknown how high gamma-ray energies can go because they are already observed at the top end of the spectrum - registering billions of electron volts.

The good news is that the universe is largely transparent to gamma rays. They can reach scientific sensors from the most remote part of the universe without losing their energy or being deflected; however, the gamma-ray spectrum is much larger than others are. Its range of energies is over ten thousand times the range of visible light and over a hundred times of X-rays. One way to identify a black hole will be through gamma-ray observations because the energetic process in the vicinity of a black hole will generate gamma rays of a specific energy. However, it is only when using instruments outside the Earth's atmosphere that scientists are able to obtain the information they are looking for.

One theory suggests that the Big Bang left globs of antimatter in the universe. If these globs exist, scientists know the annihilation radiation, resulting from the interaction with ordinary matter, will contain a certain identifiable set of gamma rays. Other interesting and evidently violent objects to be observed in the gamma-ray spectrum are the "active" galaxies. One type of active galaxy, named Seyferet, emits far more energy than a normal galaxy and varies in brightness for as yet unknown reasons.

Gamma-ray observation of galaxies are also beginning to help scientists unravel the mystery of the dark, unseen matter that they believe orbits each star system and galaxy. At the very least, there is believed to be 10 times as much mass as there are visible gas and stars. Clusters of galaxies behave as if there was 30 times as much dark matter as visible matter exerting its gravitational pull. And to fit within the current Inflation Theory of the Big Bang, the ratio would have to be 100 to 1 as much dark matter as visible.

One of the most puzzling violent objects is the gamma ray burster (GRB). Discovered by accident 20 years ago, they are brief events that do not repeat as far as we know. There is something out in space that is occasionally emitting bursts of gamma-ray energy, but so far no source has been identified. In 1979, a series of unusual bursts were observed to be coming from the direction of the Large Magellanic Cloud - in pulses of 8-second intervals for three seconds. The bursts are believed to have emitted more energy in a tenth of a second than our sun does in 10,000 years. This discovery has put astrophysicists, which currently have no explanation, in a quandary. In the past four years, the Burst & Transient Source Experiment (BATSE), on board the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory (CGRO), has detected on average one cosmic GRB per day. Burst duration's range from hundredths of a second to a thousandth of a second and occur randomly in time and position in the sky.

Roland L. Beanum is a leading aerospace engineer who, over the past 30 years, has worked on the X-15, F-100, XB-70A, F-108, Apollo and Space Shuttle designs and was the lead engineer of the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory. Beanum is also an artist who teaches African Art History, and in 1978, accompanied Jimmy Carter on a tour of Nigeria, Africa. He is currently using art to help rehabilitate career criminals in the prison system. Beanum is a scientist who believes he may have an explanation to some of the many mysteries in outer space. However, he feels that the right questions need to be asked first, ones that are more esoteric or metaphysical in nature, before we will begin to find the right answers.

According to Beanum, "I think some of the first indications came about in the 1950s. During the many controlled nuclear explosions of that time, we discovered that gamma rays are one of the elements released. You get this high energy frequency, and this gave us an inkling that perhaps there is more of this kind of energy happening outside of the Earth's environment. I worked on several different programs for NASA.

One of the major programs was called High Energy Observatory (HEO) which was a precursor to the Gamma-Ray Observatory, which began to map the universe. They could see into the X-ray and gamma ray ranges, and sometimes it was coming in bursts that would quickly dissipate, so they said 'gee, we should measure this.' The first time they began to measure this was with the GRO, which was only after April of 1991. The GRO is a 17-ton scientific spacecraft that was launched by the space shuttle Atlantis on April 5, 1991.

"From my research, I believe you cannot deny that everything comes from a single source. The single source is darkness, blackness. Politically, this has certain connotations that the world finds hard to accept. But we know that there is a lot of dark matter out there and black holes. We know that in principle, but on the higher order of that same concept - before there was light, there was darkness. That's the way it is.

"Gamma rays are an energy of the highest order we are aware of. When you start to talk about gamma rays you have to talk about consciousness. At the instant that this energy came out of the darkness, there was a consciousness, an awareness, and that awareness had order to it. It didn't just happen by accident. There is an order to it, so it has to have a master plan, and a way to control its growth and direction. That's when the religious orders try to take credit, assigning their different gods to this kind of activity.

"We assign names to try and understand it, and yet the understanding of this is beyond words. Even when we study it scientifically, we break it down and convert it into a curved or linear presentation. I know for a fact that a curve is really three-dimensional, at least, and all we are seeing is just a thin slice in time. If you were to move your focus in any direction you would see a different form or slice of that curve. We limit all the available information into a two-dimensional representation, which conditions the mind, politically, economically, socially, spiritually and establishes a control. But if you begin to think three-dimensionally, it changes your whole perception of reality completely. We see three-dimensionally, but we are taught to interpret it two-dimensionally. Television is two-dimensional and only tricks your mind.

"Three-dimensional cameras are a simple and powerful way to start seeing the world in a different way. Things that we would not normally, naturally know are taught for social, political and economic control. That's why the gamma-ray revolution is so important. It has many far-reaching implications for mankind's future.

"Physics, as we currently know it, must certainly change and shift. We know that throughout history our laws change with our level of understanding. Like when they thought the Earth was flat and then someone found that the Earth was round, so all the books and laws were overturned and changed. Maps are the same story. As our technology grew, our perception of the Earth changed again so that we now have a more accurate picture of the Earth's surface. The same is true for our concepts about gamma rays and astrophysics. We are going to have to admit that a lot of the old theories are just b.s., and all kinds of laws and books and video tapes will be created around the new knowledge we are acquiring.

"Unfortunately, this kind of information tends to remain esoteric. I don't think that the general public will know about this ever. Oh, there will be pockets of people who will have that kind of knowledge and will be exposed to it at various levels. Over a period of time, it will reach more of the masses, but there is always resistance to new information. Most of this type of information is in the public domain and it's just sitting there.

"One day I thought it would be beneficial to lower the gamma-ray frequencies down into the audible ranges and also develop fractals so we could begin to hear and see the energy. We know the signature of gamma rays, but there are a variety of individual frequencies, like fingerprints contained in the energy. This is all new information. The origin of this energy is consciousness and it has an effect on the way we think and act. All areas of society are being changed.

"We are beginning to see more people who are metaphysically tuned in - people who have a vision of how we can make things better. The biggest change is in our consciousness, because at its true frequency, gamma-ray energies are almost like thought or brainwaves. Gamma rays are an instance of consciousness like a brainstorm. You even see it in primitive art, where artists that are on completely separate sides of the world are using similar styles to portray the same idea. I think we are on the threshold of some very exciting times. I believe that in the future people will be evaluated by their amount of energy. That's where it all happens."

The gamma-ray portion of the universal energy spectrum reflects the highest energy processes known and is rich with information on the evolution of the known Universe. By observing gamma rays from the most distant quasars, we may be looking back billions of years in time and seeing the Universe before our solar system even existed. The longer we listen to and look at gamma rays, the more likely we are to find that they are the messengers of creation and consciousness itself.


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