By Kenneth M. Torena

It was 6.00 a m. in the morning when I had a strange feeling that someone was shaking my leg and shoulder. I knew that was impossible because I live alone. I woke up and there stood before me was five angelic beings at the foot of my bed.

Two of the angels were 10 feet tall with large wings; the other three were 8 feet tall with a beautiful golden glow around their bodies. All five beings were as bright as the sun, their faces shined brilliantly, and their presence lit up the whole room. They said, "We were sent by the Creator to ask you to write a poem to help others." I asked "What will the poem be called?" The angels answered very politely, "We are all angels."

I got out of bed, sat down at my desk and started typing. The words just flowed out of me and it took me 15 minutes to write the poem. When I had finished the poem, four of the five angels left my home except for one who remained to explain the meaning of the poem. It was one of the 10-foot tall angels with wings. The angel went on to explain why God wanted this poem written. The angel explained that God looks upon all of us as his angels or his children. God loves all of us both good or bad. God is sad when his angels do evil to themselves or to other angels. God hopes that those angels that are lost will see what they are doing, wake up, turn around, and treat his other angels with love. The angel went on to explain that, "The closer you want to know God, seek the truth in all things, give service to others, practice humility, eliminate ego, seek God's will instead of your own will, then you raise the frequency in your mind and spirit. Your thinking and consciousness will become one with the Creator’s consciousness. You start to use the gifts of the spirit of God to give service to others. By giving service to others, you please God and practice obedience, which in turn raises the frequency in your mind, body, soul, and spirit."

"The higher your frequency, the more God reveals and shows you heavenly things. You are able to see and experience things that most people cannot see or believe are true. You come to a level where you have the Knowing or to know certain events that have happened in the past as well as certain events that will happen in the present and future. There comes a point in time in everyone's life when your spirit leaves your body. If at that time your awareness or frequency is at a certain level then you can graduate to a higher level of heaven. If you have not reached a higher frequency, then you are not able to pass through the barrier that has been placed around this planet, and you will have to come back to experience what you needed to learn to graduate. You see, God has set a barrier around this planet so that those of a lower frequency cannot pass through to the higher levels of heaven."

"To pass through this barrier you must lighten your load. You must forgive all those who may have hurt or wronged you in any way. Ask those that you may have hurt or harmed in this life, or any life, to forgive you for what you may have done to them. You must ask God to forgive you for being angry with him in this life and every other life you have ever had. You must eliminate all negative thoughts or emotions that you keep in your heart - which keeps you from growing. When you love thyself, then you can share love and compassion with others. Those who don't give up all negative thoughts or emotions they carry in their heart will not be able to pass through the barrier surrounding this planetary world. They will have to return again and go through whatever experiences that they need to learn to graduate or have to continue to come back however long it takes them till they get it right."

"When God creates a spirit, he gives it free will. We are given the right to choose our own path whatever it may be. Those that graduate from this world can pass through the barrier around this world and move on to experience the other levels of heaven. There are many levels of heaven and all the levels are for the purpose of growth through the many experiences that we encounter. Our spiritual consciousness never stops growing or expanding. Those who choose to remove their burdens will be free to move on. When God creates a spirit it is an energy form which is never destroyed. Each spirit is conscious of thought, and has the basic code of Cosmic Law of the universe placed within. All beings created throughout the universe have this cosmic law within their spirit. Jesus, the Christ stated, ‘The kingdom of God is within you.’ All created beings have free will to choose to live by God’s cosmic law or not to live by his law. God does not create spiritual beings to eventually destroy them later on. There is order in the universe and almighty God reigns with perfect everlasting love and compassion for all creation."

"Do not have fear when you see very soon all the prophecies of the Bible happening all over the world, for these events were foretold of. When these events occur draw closer to God, as for guidance, give service to others, and look up your redemption draweth nigh." When the angel finished what he had to say, he told me that God was pleased with the work l was doing and sent his angels as a personal thank you for being obedient by doing his will. After that, the angel smiled and said, "We will see you soon for We Are All Angels."


It was written back in the days of old. When angels from heaven came to earth to help us grow. Giving service was their main intent. One of the many reasons they were sent.

Our heavenly father had a special plan. To teach his cosmic law of love to man. All throughout history angels came bringing peace. To heal broken hearts or troubled minds at ease.

Some angels have heavenly wings. Other angels have beautiful voices that sing. The angels that choose to come to this earth. Sometimes come in the form of a man or woman at birth.

Some prophets were really angels on a mission to eliminate all negative thoughts or emotions causing division. Our heavenly father created all things for his pleasure. To have peace, love, joy in your heart is the greatest treasure.

To this day, the message the angels bring is still the same. Be kind to one another, don’t try to judge or blame. Stop for the moment, listen and open your eyes. We are all angels in disguise.

Kenneth M. Torena is a massage therapist living in Westminster, California. He also works as a freelance videographer and enjoys designing jewelry in his spare time.

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