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In this U.S. Navy depiction of an undersea "Rock-Site" you can see the manned installation constructed right inside an underwater sea mount. There are giant locks for submarines to come and go, and crew quarters.

On top of the sea mount is a long horizontal structure made of metal tubing that may serve multiple functions: a) as a long wave (ELF) radio antenna for communications; b) as an oxygen provider (separating oxygen out of the sea water for an air supply for the base); and c) perhaps as a pure water desalinization unit, as well.

There are other structures on top of the sea mount and on the sea floor associated with the "Rock-Site" base. Source: United States Navy, circa 1960s.

The world's oceans and seas contain many potential "Rock-Site" locations. These sea mounts off the coasts of Iberia and Africa are strategically located near the busy sea lanes of the North Atlantic and the vital Strait of Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. Has the U.S. Navy placed secret manned bases beneath the sea- perhaps in the sea mounts depicted here? Source: United States Navy, circa 1960s.

The United States Navy's "Rock-Site" concept calls for placing large, permanently manned installations deep beneath the bed of the ocean. Such facilities could be tens or even hundreds of miles out to sea. Tunnels could be driven beneath the sea floor, extending hundreds of miles up and down the Atlantic, Pacific and/or Gulf of Mexico Coasts.

The tunnels could originate on land and extend out under the ocean for many, many miles. Alternatively, a manned undersea base could be constructed beneath the sea floor with no connection with land whatsoever.

The technology to do this has existed for decades. Source: Manned Undersea Structures: The Rock-Site Concept, by C.F. Austin. NOTS TP 4162. U.S. Naval Ordnance Test Station, China Lake, California, October 1966.




"I am retired Navy Seabee and have lived in this area for 40 years. On Dec. 27,2003, I was driving the Pacific Coast Highway at the west end of Malibu,California. At about 2 P.M. I was just passing the Sycamore Canyon camping area right beside where that underwater anomaly is.

I was alone on the highway. There were no cars ahead of me or behind me, which is not unusual for this time of year on that stretch of the highway. I have driven that route at least a thousand times. It was a clear sky day and I was enjoying the drive along the Pacific Ocean with a view to the horizon.

As I came around a curve and up a small rise where the roadway is probably 60 to 70 feet above the surf line my eye caught movement out on my left side. Turning my head to the left, I realized I was no longer alone. Beside me, above the surf line, traveling at or close to my speed of 55 to 60 mph moving in the same direction was an aerial craft. It was no further than 80 feet away and was just slightly lower than my eye level.

I had a very good view of it's top surface, and being slightly ahead of me, I could clearly see the back of the craft. Because it came up so quickly beside me I didn’t see the front of the craft. It had moved in to this position from off the ocean. It paced along with me for 250 feet or more and 15 to 20 seconds in time.

The first thing I thought when I saw the craft was that it looked like a black manta ray. It had a "stinger(spike)" out of the rear.
The craft just floated or "sailed" through the air.

A better description of the shape of the craft would be something more like a horseshoe crab. This is a photo I found on the Internet that shows the rear of the craft and the "stinger" protruding from the rear.

The real craft was I estimate 35 to 40 feet in diameter. The "stinger/spike" was protruding out about 6 feet from the body of the craft. There was a
"cut out" in the rear and the three "ridges" on the top. The center "ridge" was higher and wider than the two outboard ones. I estimate the craft was 6 feet in height at its mid-section.

Out on the horizon about 2 miles out I could see 2 F-16 jets escorting the craft. The F-16 chase/escorts were definitely flying slow. The two pilots were doing everything they had been trained to do when flying at almost stall speed. The nose on both planes were pointed up as they attempted to fly as slow as possible without falling out of the sky. Just like the F-16 viewed below is flying. This is a side view of the craft.

I saw it from a slightly higher view because it was beside me on the surf line and a little bit lower than the roadway. As we started to descend down off the grade,to the roadway that is closer to the beach, the craft suddenly accelerated and took off straight down the coast, following the contour of the coast. It reminded me of a Star Trek movie when they’re going into warp drive. The two jets took off too, chasing after it. No conventionally powered craft that exists today can move this quickly.

I accelerated as fast as the minivan would go, down the highway, around the curves through the area called Mugu rock and still didn't see it, though at this time, I had a clear view of N.A.S. Point Mugu. I kept going until I had a unobstructed view of the fields in the area and I didn't see the planes or this craft.
I believe what I saw was a piloted, man made craft. It had some exotic unknown type of advanced propulsion.

It was, I believe, by its handling characteristics, an anti-gravity vehicle. I "felt" no sound wave,there was no electrical disruption of my vehicle. I had the window down and heard nothing but the wind and my tires on the roadway. It was totally silent.

I believe that day, it was piloted by some hot jet jockey who saw somebody driving down the road, totally alone, and decided to say, 'Look at me. Now,try to explain this to others,and see if they believe you, when you tell them what you saw'.

I have been doing just that, ever since that day. Maybe someday the truth will come out. I know what I saw that day. These craft are out there, somewhere, and they are man made.





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