ESSIAC: Nature’s Gift of Life

In 1926, eight Canadian doctors petitioned their government to let Caisse test her cancer remedy on a large scale. These doctors had concluded that Essiac reduced tumor size, prolonged life and caused beneficial results even in cases where all else had failed.

By Robert Stanley

The value of a family's pet is often priceless and unconditional love. Unfortunately, the cost of medical care for our pets, and even people, is sometimes out of reach for those who need it most. Domesticated animals are extremely dependent on us for their safety and well being, and yet we are usually at the mercy of our local veterinarian when it comes down to dealing with an illness.

In 1994, our UNICUS mascot, a special little Sheltie named Scotty Lucky Arrow, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma sarcoma - a deadly form of skin cancer. He was only five years old when his mouth developed a small tumor which Scotty's veterinarian, Dr. Steinam, originally thought was benign. After a successful surgical removal of the tumor Scotty returned home and recovered rapidly. Everything seemed fine until we received the results from the lab analysis of the tumor. Dr. Steinam called me to say that Scotty's cancer was terminal and that he had two to six months to live. He recommended radical surgery to remove most of his lower jaw and upper lymph glands. In addition, he recommended a new immune system boosting drug that was expensive and experimental which would need to be administered weekly. The surgery combined with the experimental drug would only prolong Scotty's life one year. This diagnosis was based on the cases of similar cancers in other pets.

We were all heart broken over the thought of such radical surgery, and decided it would be kinder to allow nature to take its course. In the meantime, we would make Scotty as comfortable as possible and prepare for the end. The next day, I got a call from an old friend named Shawna. I was very upset by the recent events and briefly told her about Scotty's condition, while trying to hold back my tears. Being one of the world's truly gifted psychics, Shawna quickly had the perfect answer to my dilemma. She told me about the incredible results that people with cancer had acquired simply by taking a liquid herbal formula. It seemed too good to be true, and I asked her where I could get some. The bad news was that this miracle elixir was not available in any stores, the good news was that Shawna just happened to have an extra bottle that she had acquired from a friend. Although I knew her intentions were good, Shawna did not have the basic hard core facts about how and why this stuff would work or even what it was called. I decided that I would not give Scotty a dosage until I knew what it was capable of doing.

The next day, I called a friend who is a registered nurse named Miles and asked him if he ever heard of a liquid herbal substance that could really cure cancer? Miles told me that the liquid was most likely called Essiac, that it was one of the many unapproved therapies for treating cancer patients, and that there was literature available on the subject if I looked for it.

The next day, I was surprised to receive a copy of the January 1993 issue of NEXUS magazine with an article entitled, "Essiac: Nature's Cure for Cancer." It featured an interview with Dr. Gary L. Glum, who had written a book about the Canadian nurse that had developed Essiac entitled "Calling of an Angel." Rene Caisse (Essiac) lived in Canada and treated hundreds of terminally ill people. Caisse had discovered the cure from a female patient in the hospital where she worked. The patient had gained knowledge of a powerful herbal remedy that we give to her for breast cancer by an Ojibway Indian. After leaving the hospital in 1992, Caisse began researching and improving the formula giving Essiac to anyone who needed it. Most of her patients came with certificates from their doctors that said they were terminally ill and incurable. Caisse gave the formula orally and by injections with a very high success rate for survival and overall health improvement free of pain and suffering. By 1938, Essiac nearly became legalized by the Ontario, Canadian government as a remedy for terminally ill cancer patients.

Essiac is known to be a non-toxic herbal cure for cancer symptoms in people and animals. It's herbal formula is composed of four fairly common herbs. The recipe is only effective when properly measured and prepared and is part burdock, part slippery elm, part sheep sorrel and part turkey rhubarb. These ingredients are slowly boiled, carefully strained off into glass bottles and refrigerated to maintain freshness. Turkey or Indian rhubarb has been clinically demonstrated to produce anti-tumor activity in the sarcoma-37 animal test system.

The Resperin Corporation purchased the rights to Essiac from Caisse and found that the results from nationwide testing of 350 doctors showed encouraging evidence of tumor regression. People who know the effects of Essiac say that the formula must be correct in order for it to work properly. There are five or six variations of the formula being sold on the global direct market system today, so beware! Shortly before her death, Caisse discovered that the Resperin Corporation was not in a position to distribute Essiac into the public sector, because they were politically linked with the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare. They had bought her out and to this day quality Essiac is very hard to purchase.

It was reported in the March 1993 issue of OMNI magazine that Canadian physicians can go through legal channels to acquire Essiac from the Health Protection Brach, Food and Drug, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Still other prefer to acquire Essiac from St. Jude International Clinic's administrator, Jimmy Keller in Tijuana, Mexico. There is no official way to legally obtain Essiac in the U.S. and there have been cases of doctors who have lost their licenses for administering it on American soil.

In 1926, eight Canadian doctors petitioned their government to let Caisse test her cancer remedy on a large scale. These doctors had concluded that Essiac reduced tumor size, prolonged life and caused beneficial results even in cases where all else had failed. After reading all I could about Essiac, I found that the herbal formula that Shawna had given me was in fact Essiac. I started to give small doses twice a day to Scotty orally using a syringe without a needle. Gradually, I increased the dosages over a three-week period. The bottle I had lasted almost three months.

Eleven months after Dr. Steinam had diagnosed Scotty as being terminally ill, I brought him back for a check-up. Dr. Steinam was shocked and looked as if he had seen a ghost! He had spoken to the pathologist who preformed the laboratory analysis of the tumor recently. They both assumed Scotty had passed away and that I had not yet informed them. He told me that it was nearly impossible to remove all the cancer cells during surgery of the tumor. That is why he had recommended surgically removing Scotty's lower jaw to stop the spread of any cancer cells. He was truly amazed and wanted to know all the details regarding how Scotty was cured from his cancer. I told Dr. Steinam about the Essiac treatments and he expressed an interest in reading the literature I had compiled. He said, "Most medicines originate from some form of plant life, so it's not unbelievable that something like this would work." He then proceeded to give Scotty a thorough examination which revealed a perfectly healthy and happy dog.

I am glad to say that the medical professionals I have met are good-hearted people who really care about people and their pets and I do not recommend that anyone avoid visiting a reputable clinic regularly. What I am suggesting is that you always examine the alternatives. They may just save you and your pet from suffering through painful surgical procedures and expensive doses of synthetic drugs.

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