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Note that these entrances above have been partially obscured by a technique called digital cloning. These entrances lead inside the moon. However, there are structures on the surface as well.

Another form of digital deception I found is "blurring". Below is an original screen capture from Google Earth, which has been blurred to hide the details of artificial construction on the moon.

Below is the same image with "Smart Sharpen" applied to remove some of the blur.

And in the next version, I inverted the sharpened image to reveal the geometric design hidden in the dark areas. This is clearly a constructed building.

Below is another of the many ruined, sub-surface buildings on the moon near the Mare Crisium. They are all nearly identical in design and size (approx. 300 feet wide), and they are located in the same region of the near side of the moon.

a close-up of the same building

At the beginning of this article, I reported that the details of the Earth's ocean floor are less well known than the surface of Mars or the moon. However, there are amazing new discoveries being made on the moon, by people like myself, using Google Earth.

Understand that the images in this article are authentic as far as I know. As I stated on Page 1, Google Earth is actively adding or removing digital data from their maps for reasons as yet unknown, and that is why I decided to investigate further and report my findings.

The images you see on this page were captured by me while using Google Earth and then enhanced using brightness, contrast, vibrance, exposure and "smart sharpen" to bring out more detail. Also, the color in these images was not added. It was already in the digital data. I simply enhanced it.


Above are 2 photos showing that the moon has green and violet light on its surface. These same colors exist in the Google Earth map of the moon, which are clearly seen in my screen captures.




(notice this building has many floors)

Above are extreme examples of the enhanced lunar colors.

Below are images that indicate where the artifacts posted on this page are located on Goggle Earth.

The lighter strip is a scan area that I targeted to search for anomalies. I chose this area, after exploring artifacts on Mars, because it has a higher resolution and a greater dark/light contrast. Notice that there are many pins placed on this area. Each pin indicates a lunar mission or exploration. I found that there is a higher concentration of artifacts on the right side of this photo strip, but the artifacts seen on this page are found all along the bright area. This means that the various space agencies that have studied the moon must know about the artifacts presented here.

Below are examples of what the ruins look like from a distance. They are not clear until you zoom in and in some cases use the tilt tool.

The arrow indicates what appear to be ruins. Note that all the black specks are entrances on the lunar surface. That means the entire area seen here is most likely an underground network of cities much like those found accidentally on Earth, in central Turkey, in the 1960s.

Although there are many known examples of LAVA TUBES on the moon, this is something else...

There are far too many examples of the same type of geometric structures in one small area for this to be natural. And these are definitely not digital artifacts created by compression.

This is a close up of the prior image.

Below are more examples of sub-surface construction that is in ruins and appear to be abandoned.

I have far too many of these images to post on one or two web pages. I am currently producing a video that will present all the graphic evidence for everyone to examine.

There are hundreds of openings and dozens of buildings in the relatively small area I investigated. But the above example really shocked me because it contained a personal message.

Below are more examples of artificial construction on the moon.

This is clearly a road. It is nowhere near any known landing and exploration sites.

There are entrances and buildings located along this road.

This is a different road. It appears to lead to a white building in the lower right.

Above is a close-up of the white building, which is partially obscured. Below is another white structure that should not be on the moon. I have not found any information about this object yet.

According to the measuring tool on Google Earth, this object is about 300 feet wide. Is it another example of Google playing games, or did someone actually construct this object on the moon? If so, who did this and what is its purpose?

And what about the many large entrances in this area? Who constructed them and where do they lead to?


It is obvious that these entrances have been partially obscured using a digital cloning tool, which is exactly what Goggle Earth has done on Mars with identical looking entrances as seen on Page 2.

For more graphic examples of artifacts on the moon, Mars and Earth, and news reports that confirm my findings, please continue to Page 4. To read 500 years of reports regarding strange events observed on the lunar surface, please use this link.


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