UFOs OVER MALIBU: Land of Stars and Starships

By Robert M. Stanley

(updated July 29, 2018)

My home town of Malibu, California, is known the world over for its scenic beauty and as the playground of the rich and famous. However, few people know that it is also a land of UFOs. In the late 1950s, as my neighbor and some of his friends were watching the sun setting on the Pacific Ocean, they witnessed three bright UFOs fly across the water at great speed then hover for a few minutes over the Santa Monica Mountains before flying off out of sight. My family moved in around 1962.

We had a perfect view of Zuma Beach in our front yard with the mountains for our backyard, and the star-filled sky above us at night. During the 1960s, people were frequently seeing UFOs flying around Malibu.

Granted, some people in Malibu were taking hallucinogenic substances in those days. But, by the early 1970s, whole families were going down to the beach at Point Dume at night to watch the multicolored UFOs that would sink under the water at times. This activity would continue for decades. Some of it was even photographed.

In 1973, a swirling patterned crop circle appeared overnight in a field of wheat overlooking Zuma Beach on the Pacific Coast Highway. Drug induced hallucinations do not cause crop circles to form, or families to camp on the beach awaiting UFOs to appear.

The crop circle site was only a three-minute walk from my house near Juan Cabrillo Elementary. It was at this time that I became very interested in the subject of UFOs. I was only 13 years old then, but I sensed that something important was happening and that few people were willing to discuss it openly.

One particular family that lived in our neighborhood swore that a UFO had landed in their yard one night as they watched in amazement. Many of the homes in that area were built on lots that were a few acres in size. So, there was room for a UFO to land in someone's back yard.

Then there is the story of a man who lived on Point Dume who woke up late one night, to go to the bathroom, and witnessed a UFO flying sideways between he and his neighbor's homes. The man assumed he was just dreaming and went back to bed.

Almost a year later, as he was helping his neighbor with some repairs, he looked in a utility closet for a step ladder and found a large painting of a very familiar looking UFO flying sideways between their homes. The man asked his neighbor where he had obtained the painting and was shocked to learn that his neighbor had painted it shortly after having an unusual dream.

Throughout my life, I have had reoccurring dreams of an ancient city of stone located in the mountains. I traveled to 57 countries and visited many of the Earth's wonders, such as the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Stonehenge in England and the Parthenon in Greece in search of finding this city, but I never saw anything like it.

In the fall of 1985, I accidentally discovered what appear to be the ruins of an ancient temple/city in the Santa Monica Mountains of Malibu. I was amazed by the incredible megalithic monuments carved out of stone, and the remnants of a series of walls, which surround the city. I became so intrigued with this area that I began to invite many of my friends to share in the experience.

Much to my surprise, one night in the late '80s, my friends and I had a close encounter with a UFO while camping out on top of a rock formation that looks like a giant Sphinx. In fact, on three separate occasions, a UFO appeared at the same location and actually beamed a bright, white light directly on us.

It wasn't like a search light that sweeps around looking for something. It knew exactly where we were and it made no noise. We all got the same impression that whoever was flying those UFOs knew exactly what we were thinking and how we were feeling.


Over the years, my friends and I had over a dozen sightings of UFOs in these Mystic Mountains, but it wasn't until May of 1992, that an actual photograph was taken of the UFOs flying over the mountain ridge. A young man named Marc Juliano was on a day tour of the mountains with me, when he felt a sudden urge to snap random shots of a particular cliff.

I was standing right next to him and neither of us saw anything unusual in the sky at the time; however, three months later when the film was developed, we could see at least 10 UFOs hovering over the cliffs. I have learned that film is more sensitive to radiation than our eyes and will capture images we often cannot see with the naked eye.

The next month, another extraordinary UFO event occurred of the coast of Malibu. Click the image below to watch a documentary about underwater UFOs off Malibu and Catalina. (deleted... again)

The next year, in May of 1993, a professional, female photographer living in Malibu, near Castro Peak, in the Santa Monica Mountains, took 4 clear photographs of 11 UFOs as they approached her home from over the ocean one night. A true professional, Judy's camera was always loaded with film and ready to shoot.

According to Judy:

These light images against this black background are one thing, but you can also see an energy around the UFOs and realize that they are real. It was about 9:00 p.m. at night, my husband was laying in bed watching TV, I had just sat down and he said 'Oh. Look at all those helicopters.'

I leaned over to look out my window and said, 'Those aren't helicopters.' So, I opened the sliding glass door, sat down, rested my camera on my knee and took four photographs, but I only have two now.

The configuration I remember photographing is completely different from what is on the photos. I recall seeing a wave of lights, across the horizon in the direction of Catalina Island. My camera is an old, manual Pentax.

I was using a regular 50mm lens. At the time, these weird lights were not a big deal. I just took the pictures because I had been seeing these lights, off and on, for a long time, but this was the most activity I had ever seen in one grouping and, I thought it was pretty phenomenal.

As I was watching them, some would get brighter. They would change from a very pretty cream color light to a very intense red. There wasn't just light on one side verses another side, they were like a ball of light that varied. Some of them would become fainter and even disappear and then suddenly blink back into sight.

A couple of them piggy backed each other. I remember that after I finished taking the photographs, they all blinked out at once. I just sat there and said, 'Wow! That was so neat.' And then, I just forgot about the photos.

About two or three months later, I got the film developed and I was standing at the counter just sorting out the pictures that I thought were no good. I think I must have thrown two of the four shots away.

I was looking at those pictures and thought it was weird because I couldn't remember when I had taken any pictures of a birthday cake? And then I turned one of them on an angle that made sense to me and I thought, 'Oh, these are those UFOs!' I brought them home, said a prayer to the Universe and asked that I be guided to do the right thing with these images and to let whoever needs them come into my life.

Soon after that, I met someone from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) through my work, and gave her the slides, which she had analyzed. They found that there was no evidence of hoaxing and that the images appeared to be genuine.

When I visited Sedona, where there is a lot of UFO networking going on, I was introduced to a man who was very excited by my pictures because he had seen a video of the same UFO images, only they were in Florida.

Where I live in Malibu [near Castro Peak], I have a really great view of the mountains and the ocean.

In December of 1992, a friend and I were sitting together talking, watching the stars, when we saw what appeared to be helicopters, but there were no blinking lights or markings on them.

They were real black. They hovered on the north facing slope of the ridge in front of my location, and they had a very bright light that was shining down onto an area that I know is wilderness.

What was so strange is that there was a giant square light that was shinning back up from the ground and I had never seen anything quite like that before. It wasn't a reflection. Also, for some reason, my friend couldn't see anything more than the "helicopters."

Afterwards, she related an earlier experience that involved missing time. It was an unforgettable and very interesting evening.

Also, a neighbor stopped by one day in July 1992. We were standing in the front yard, enjoying the view, and she said, "Oh wow... look at that!"

There were five of the exact same lights I later photographed in May of 1993. They were even the same color. They flew out over Thousand Oaks, then came back towards us, then flew out towards Point Mugu, near the radar station, then turned around and came back towards us and then swerved out over the ocean again and headed for Santa Barbara Island.

At one point my neighbor said, "Wow, what do you think those are? I've never seen anything like that!" I just wanted to go and get my binoculars, so when I went to grab mine she decided to get hers from her car then we sat down together and watched intently. They piggy backed each other. They would get brilliant red and fade to a soft orange glow, or fade and blink on and off.


I wish I knew Morse code and could correlate it to something, but it was beautiful. They ended the show by flying west toward Santa Barbara Island, which is about 50 miles from Point Dume.

As they went out over the water, they were blinking on and off and growing smaller until they just all blinked off at once. During that time, I saw lights that would blink in, hover and then fly away. Then another would blink in, at that same area, hover for a moment and then fly off.

I have come to believe that there is a safe entry way out there, a portal to another dimension. There is a lot happening now. We need to honor the planet, recognize that it is as alive as we are, and allow our consciousness to evolve on all levels. We are not here alone.

- Judy

And on July 3, 2016, an amazing home video was shot of a fleet of UFOs over the Pacific Ocean in Malibu just north of Zuma Beach where I lived and worked for many years.


Click the map below to learn about the so-called underwater UFO base I discovered in Malibu in 2009.





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