October 29 , 2010

Letter from the Editor

Fellow citizens of Earth,


Based on the astronomical data found in the Boeing PDF I have posted on my web site, I believe NASA is planning to send humans to Mars on a one-way ticket as an insurance policy for the human race's survival in this solar system. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be enough time for this somewhat desperate contingency plan.

Depending on one's security clearance, there are people in our government that know for a fact that massive cosmic CHANGE is occurring in our solar system and directly effecting the earth. Let's be clear, this is not the same man-made, global climate change we have been mislead about for the past few years. Some scientists know that the cosmic energy is increasing, and that the earth is gradually moving away from the Sun (no I am not making this up). However, they still do not understand fully how this is possible and what we can do about it, if anything (I suggest you refer to the Boeing PDF for answers).

Coincidentally, NASA has been planning to move the earth into a new orbit to stabilize our environment. They know that the Sun's output of radiation is increasing faster than their models predicted (please refer to the Boeing PDF for answers).

According to the scientific data, our Sun's energy is increasing and it is sending more energy into the earth which is then radiated back out from the core. This increase in cosmic energy is causing the sun and earth to move apart slowly now, however, the rate of separation could accelerate at any time. The process underway is also expected to increase solar storms that will potentially create serious problems on earth such as increased earthquakes, powerful storms and even loss of the electrical grid. This dynamic has been experienced before. On March 9, 1989, the sun ejected a million-mile-wide blast of high-temperature, charged solar gas directly at the Earth. The energized plasma struck our planet three days later, triggering a geomagnetic storm that made the northern lights visible in Texas. The storm also overloaded Quebec's power grid and knocked out power for 6 million people in Canada and the USA for at least nine hours.

There is little time left for people of this planet to prepare for the coming changes. NASA has warned that during the solar maximum in 2010 solar flares and coronal mass ejection's will increase and knock out electrical power around the globe. What NASA is not telling the public about this situation is contained in the Boeing PDF.


Please check back periodically for updates to this story.




Robert M. Stanley


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