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According to a suspicious source, in late January of 2013, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev allegedly warned President Obama that "the time has come" for the world to know the truth about aliens on earth, and if the United States chose not to participate in disclosure the Kremlin would do so on its own. This recent story appears to be a continuation of a shocking revelation that made headlines around the world one month earlier.

In early December of 2012, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was interviewed on a Russian TV news station. When asked off camera about aliens, he stated that human ETs are actually living on Earth covertly. This revelation was not aired on TV, but was leaked later and posted on YouTube. The media quickly went into damage control mode and claimed that Mr. Medvedev was just joking. However, he is not the only credible person to make such an amazing claim.

In 2009, a Bulgarian scientist reported that human ETs were living on Earth and attempting to assist humanity with advanced technology. Afterwards, this scientist was threatened with death if he continued to speak publicly about this matter.

In 2007, a Chinese scientist claimed that human ETs were living on Earth and could help humanity.

In his 1998 biography, remote viewer Ingo Swann describes his work for a secret US military intelligence agency in Washington, D.C., that follows the activities of human ETs on Earth and the Moon. The agency considers these human ETs very dangerous.

As reported in my first book   covert encounters on capitol hill  in 1994, I met a human ET from Tau Ceti that was brought to Earth as an infant and adopted by a US military family. We became friends and I was invited to interview him at length. Here is additional information about human ETs coming to earth from Tau Ceti. And, on December 19. 2012. the British press released the following articles re. habitable planets being found in the Tau Ceti solar system. | 1 | 2 |

In his 1977 book entitled Date With the Gods, CIA operative Charles Silva reports having a relationship with a human ET named Rama that he met in Peru. After reading his book, I eventually contacted Mr. Silva and he sent me an article to publish in Unicus Magazine.

In 1975, Travis Walton was taken aboard an alien space craft after accidently getting to close to it and being electrocuted by the craft's energy field. While on board the space craft, he met a group of peaceful human aliens that had saved his life. There were four very-human-looking extraterrestrials: three men and one woman. They looked as though they were family members. Although they all had different features, they somehow looked similar. He described them as looking like they were in their mid-20s and in perfect physical shape. He noted that the men were muscular and so was the woman, who he said had a body that was a perfect 10. None of them had even the faintest of a wrinkle, a scar or even a blemish or freckle and their eyes were a very unique, beautiful gold color.

In 1972, a Mexican scientist began having contact with human ETs that had come to Earth to assist mankind... if we so desired. This contact contact continued for years and was well documented. Eventually, the professor disappeared; presumably he left this world on an alien space craft.

In the early 1960s, Command Sergeant Robert O. Dean read an Above Top Secret Threat Assessment while working at NATO that changed his life. According to Commander Dean, the report clearly stated that one of the groups of ETs regularly visiting Earth was human. These ETs looked exactly like us and could therefore blend in with the rest of earth's population. There was concern among some high-ranking members of NATO that these human ETs could have infiltrated the military organizations and civilian governments of Earth.

In 1957, a Brazilian farmer was abducted while plowing a field on his tractor by human aliens. After being taken onboard the alien space craft, he was stripped of his cloths and induced to have sex with an alien woman.

As reported in my 2nd book  covert encounters in washington DC  in 1957, a human ET landed his space craft in Washington, D.C., and was arrested by the local police and taken to the Pentagon. The ET man reportedly lived at the Pentagon for the next three years. During that time he attempted to advise powerful US politicians (like President Eisenhower), military officials and scientists with little or no success.

In 1956, human ETs began having contact with a select group of people in Italy. This is typically referred to as The Friendship Case. This case contains profoundly important information for the survival and evolution of the human race on Earth. In summary, the peaceful human ETs use the positive energy of, truth, love and friendship to connect themselves to the creative power of the Universe (known as "The Force" in the movie Star Wars).However, the peaceful ETs explained that hostile ETs use the energy of fear, anger, greed, etc., to connect with a corrupt power (known as "The Dark Side" in the movie Star Wars). To learn more about this case please use these links | 1 | 2 |

To understand how human ETs in this universe divided into good and evil groups a long time ago, please use this link. I will be discussing the details of this very-important subject on my show (The Unicus Radio Hour) in 2013.

In 1954, President Eisenhower allegedly met with human ETs at Edwards Air Force Base just north of Palm Springs, California. Assistance was offered by the human ETs to the people of Earth under the condition that nuclear weapons be outlawed. The offer was rejected and mankind and all life on Earth has suffered the consequences.

In 1952, a human ET landed his space craft and met with George Adamski at Desert Center, California near Palm Springs, California.

In 1950, Dan Fry was picked up by a space craft at White Sands AFB, in New Mexico. The craft was remotely controlled by a human ET named Alan. He claimed that his ancestors had lived on Earth long ago prior to a horrific nuclear war that killed most biological life and contaminated the planet for a very long time.


Here is a really interesting web site that was allegedly created by a human ET living on Earth.

Here is a very-important article about human ETs living in this Universe.

Here is a very interesting book about contact with a human teacher visiting Earth from Sirius.


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