November 6, 2017

The official narrative re. the world's newest patsy, Stephen C. Paddock,is full of holes. There is no still no clear motive for this man to turn into a homicidal maniac that went from obscurity to infamy overnight. However, based on my research, it is clear that he was selected as the newest official lone gunman.

He was chosen by the demonic Deep State to be the patsy for the PSYOP massacre in Las Vegas because of his family's rather colorful history; specifically his father who was arrested by the FBI in Las Vegas.

To ensure the public buys the lie they built around Stephen Paddock, after he allegedly killed himself, they had to crucify his character in the court of public opinion. With just one picture, they were able to present him as a psycho that looked like a famous villain from Batman named the Joker.

This is the first image of Stephen Paddock the Military Intelligence Media Complex (MIMC) broadcast to the world the very next day - via every major media outlet - after the evil events that occurred on October 1, 2017. A nefarious night that we are asked to believe Paddock "danced with the Devil under the pale moonlight."

But look closely at what Paddock is doing in this photo. He is "shooting tequila" at a bar. He has just "taken a shot". This is a very powerful subliminal message the (MIMC) downloaded into the collective consciousness of mankind. It was an important first step in crafting the profile of a patsy: a single shooter.

Speaking of the MIMC's public programming and shooting tequila, in the new FOX TV show LUCIFER, Season 1, Episode 5, Lucifer and Detective Decker decide to go to a "cop bar".

Lucifer tells the detective that he has heard that the PADDOCK is considered a required rite of passage for all new Los Angeles Police Department detectives.

notice the above promo for


and the chalk board reads Homocide

it's a nasty nickname of one of

"the PADDOCK bar Shooters"

But look closely...

another "PADDOCK bar Shooter"

is Massiv Trav

which is slang for

a massive travesty of justice

But wait, it all grows ever stranger and more significant. Below is Detective Decker "shooting tequila" at the PADDOCK bar while on duty. She is asking Lucifer why anyone would want to make a deal with the devil... which included her boss at the LAPD. Lucifer is surprised by Decker's naivety. He tells her that everyone takes the deal.

In case you think this was all just a crazy coincidence, please look at this image from LUCIFER Season 3, Episode 4. That is Detective Decker and a forensics technician at LAPD headquarters. Note she is wearing a LAUREL CANYON shirt... another big red flag!

For anyone who doesn't know, Laurel Canyon is the location of Lookout Mountain: an infamous propaganda film studio run by military intelligence. It was shut down because military intelligence eventually infiltrated and controlled all the Hollywood studios, which includes the news media.

By the way, one of Stephen's younger brothers Bruce D. Paddock was arrested on October 27, 2017... on Laurel Canyon Blvd...

just another coincidence?

Here's another crazy coincidence. In Season 3, Episode 6 of LUCIFER, he and the forensics technician go to Las Vegas to investigate the murder of Lucifer's ex-wife.

Upon arriving, Lucifer realizes that the woman shot in the head was not his wife. And the Las Vegas Police Dept. is clueless.

By the way, the forensics tech. is now wearing a T-Shirt featuring a double devil horn symbol.

She and Lucifer then go to the home of the man they suspect to be the killer only to find he has shot himself in the head... just like Stephen Paddock allegedly did.

In this scene, Lucifer looks into the camera and says, "Typical Vegas... even the suicides are fake." Another coincidence?

SO, why is this important? It's just a dumb TV show, right? Wrong. One of the owners of FOX TV (which produces LUCIFER) is a wealthy Saudi that also co-owns the upper floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. He is a major player in Hollywood. And he owns a publishing company that prints Bibles that are rather unusual. They claim Lucifer is Jesus. This makes no sense to Westerners, but in the Middle-East this is accepted as fact by many people to this day. The Yazidis are one such group. But this is the Luciferian Doctrine: Lucifer/Enki is our savior/Father. This ancient doctrine predates Christianity.



Another predictive programming TV detective show (yes, LUCIFER is actually another crime fighting show) is the MENTALIST. The lead villain in that show is a homicidal Napa Valley Sheriff

(code name Red John


who created a covert network of very well organized, psychopathic criminals.

Think of it like the Mafia, but it was run by men in law enforcement and the judiciary across the Southwest region of the United States. Their password was "Tyger, Tyger" and they all wore a tattoo on their left shoulder.

The three dots represent the three stars of Orion's belt...

Why is that important? According to The Wes Penre Papers - LEVEL 4 - The Court of Orion is where Lucifer was the first born Prince of a royal family. That is why Orion is historically significant to all cultures on EArth (EA is one of Lucifer's many royal titles). Earth is part of the Orion Empire.

Here is a relevant quote from William Cooper's book Behold A Pale Horse:

NASA is claiming that ORION is the future of the America's manned space program...

And they will have weapons...

and they will plant flags...

on worlds they will colonize

Below is a photo of the beam of light from the LUXOR's black pyramid in Las Vegas being aimed at ORION'S Belt


It is time we examine the Paddock family tree. Although Stephen's father has a criminal record, he is buried in a military cemetery at Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, because he served in the US Navy.

(note the hair line)

His full name is Benjamin H. Paddock Jr. He was born November 1926, in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. I have reason to suspect he was an FBI informant.

(note the hairline)

Now meet Col. Alfred H. Paddock Jr. US ARMY Ret. Born February 1937, in Moscow, Idaho. I have not found definitive data yet, but their must be a link in the family tree here. Benjamin and Alfred are most likely cousins. Note how extremely similar their full names and hereditary hair lines are. What are the odds of that?

Here is one of his books on PSYOPS,

which is exactly what the events

in Las Vegas were...

And he served as a consultant on a TV documentary series and appeared in one episode as himself: a former US Army 4th PSYOP Group Commander.

And then there is Stephen's other brother Patrick B. Paddock Jr. who served 17 years in the US AIR FORCE. I have not yet located a photo of Patrick Jr. or found any information regarding what he did while in the military, but it is clear the PADDOCK Clan is deeply involved with the US Military, which is very interesting.

(note the hair line)

I found there is another Patrick Paddock (see above) that works for the US NAVY as an Operations Specialist/Deputy Operations Officer at a Naval Air Station. He sure looks like a Paddock.

Of course most people are familiar with Stephen's big-mouth brother Eric H. Paddock who made some very strange comments to the news media after the massacre in Las Vegas.

In the above photo I noticed that the brothers are watching the Powerpuff Girls. You can see the TV screen reflecting on the window behind Eric's head. That cartoon is produced for children. And honestly, both brothers look like they are on drugs.


To be continued...





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