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To hear David Icke expose the Archon's AI Agenda please use this link

To hear Clyde Lewis explain recent AI developments please use this link

Here is a link to a popular American talk show host asking, "Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over Humans by 2045?"

MAIN ARTICLE by Robert M. Stanley:

There are more than 400 news articles on PAGE 2 of this article that expose the emergence of AI and the Luciferian Agenda. These articles are supplemental to the powerful, new, free e-book by Wes Penre entitled: Synthetic Super-Intelligence and the Transmutation of Man.

You can also read it from any browser absolutely free. Here is the link to the book as HTML. Please read this information and carefully consider the implications while there is still time. But first, permit me to put this problem into the proper context.

It's time for the people of this planet to understand that Lucifer/En.ki is a real extraterrestrial entity that heads a galactic empire. The earth, and its people, are part of that empire: an empire that includes Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies. Arthur C. Clarke was correct when he remarked that, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke also had some amazing insights about the blending of man and machine (past/present/future) that he shared in the final book in his Space Oddysey series: 3001 The Final Odyssey. Please use this link to listen to someone reading the prologue of the book 3001 and carefully consider its implications.

Lucifer/En.ki has highly advanced technology and he has been using it to control us ever since he captured earth and made it part of his empire over 200,000 years ago. However, another very powerful way he controls humans is through religion. Lucifer and his minions created and control all religion, government and secret societies on earth.

Note that the above graphic of Lucifer indicates he glows... which is an absolutely accurate description. The Hebrew word Nachash (to shine) was used to describe the highly-intelligent, radiant being that allegedly appeared to Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is worth noting that the verb nachash also means to enchant, fascinate or bewitch and/or it can refer to a person using occult knowledge!


Yes, you read that right. All religions and secret societies originated with Lucifer. It is a very-efficient, highly-manipulative method for affecting and dividing mankind (here is a link to a video presentation that proves En.ki is JEHOVAH - a jealous god).

That is why millions of people on this planet have been murdered in the name of a supreme "God" or gods. In fact, despite the many different names he uses, all the gods that earth humans currently "worship" (which means to work for) are actually the shape-shifting, inter-dimensional, extraterrestrial entity also known as LUCIFER/ENKI.

In 2014, the Vatican made a dramatic declaration (in Latin) that was broadcast around the world. You can use this link to see for yourself, or read the statement below:


His Flaming dawning, His own Creation...

May I say Oh Lucifer, who knows no setting...

Christ is your son...

who came back from the dead and shed his sacred blood for the human race...

and is alive and reigns for ever and ever - AMEN

(please use this link to learn who AMEN really is)


And in an earlier invocation of Lucifer from the Vatican in 2012, they said:


Flaming Lucifer finds Mankind...

I say: Oh Lucifer who will never be defeated,

Christ is your son who came back from hell and shed his peaceful light...

and is alive and reigns in the world without end - AMEN

(please use this link to learn who AMEN really is)


In other words, the Vatican is saying that Lucifer/En.ki is the Father in Heaven that Jesus often referred to. Lucifer means the Light Bearer and it is only one of his many titles. He is the Lord/God of earth and many other worlds in his Galactic Rebel Empire.

I realize that is a shocking revelation for the majority of people on this planet who don't know Lucifer/En.ki and his son have been running the Shadow Government here and ruling over us (as subjects of his empire) for a very, very long time.


However, there are a minority of people on this planet that know Lucifer/En.ki is in charge and they adore/worship (work for) him. Use the link below to see for yourself:

What the Hell? Satan worship on rise in America.

Alaskan assembly council meeting opens with prayer to Lucifer.

Educatin’ with Satan: Oregon elementary school lets Satanic club rival Christian group.

Lawyer: After School Satan Club must be allowed to proceed in Washington.

Former World Bank Senior Council Says a "Second Species on Earth Controls Money& Religion".

The Satanic History of America's Top Secret Space Program.

Satanic Temple to open international headquarters in Salem.

In haunted Salem, a Jewish church founder preaches the art of 'Satanic' social change.

Leading US exorcists explain huge increase in demand for the Rite - and priests to carry them out.

Hundreds Gather for Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit.

Coincidentally, in 2014, I finally realized and began publicly admitting to having met Lucifer face-to-face in 1985 (I was unaware of the Vatican's declarations until 2015). I have also openly admitted to keeping in contact with Lucifer from 1985 to 2014 (under the pretence that he was our Father in Heaven based on what he told me and the way he presented himself). Understandably, my admission caused quite a dramatic response from some people around the planet.

An e-mail from November 2014 stated:

I see you're a guest on Coast to Coast tonight. You should know that Christ is Lucifer; the terms he used in the bible to describe himself are "the light bearer and morning star". Lord Rayel is Christ returned and says he is Lord of the Annunaki empire, which includes reptiles and grey aliens. His Cardinal Kelly said he is meeting with world leaders to prepare the way for Armageddon.


An e-mail from April 2015 claimed to be from a son of Lucifer/En.ki:


I Am Dingir Adad Of The Ancient House Of Adad.

I Am A Major House Head.

I Am A Warrior Of The Niburian Empire Son To This World Of Enki.

And The Worlds People Have Yet To Hear My Side Of The Story, The Story Of What Is Important To Me.

My House Has Been Obliterated By The Parasite Time And Time Again. And Now That The Empire Has Returned In Force. I Take The Title Of Archon Away.


Here is an e-mail I received in October 2015... claiming to be from Lucifer/En.ki:

I send this to my chosen 4...
Today, I feel as though i am being urged to speak out to all of you.
The message i am currently receiving is 'come back and lead us'.
I understand the sun
And the moon
I understand the stars
And the memories they hold
I understand the darkness
And what it hides
I understand the stories
And the tales they told
I understand the illusion
And the authority in control
I understand the system
and how it is breaking
I understand the bloodlines
And where they come from
I understand the mother and son
And how they be-lessed my name
I understand the truth is coming out
And the light is coming in
I understand the wave of knowledge
And how it must be shared
I understand the signs
And how they've always been
I understand the source
And how it works within
I understand a new age is dawning
And i know too well it's ruler
I understand who i am
And what i must do
I am called The Lucifer, Saturn
And Meighorn
I am here


I know the following will sound very strange to most people, but in early 1991 I was attacked by one of Lucifer's AI androids. At the time, I was researching androids and alien abductions and had apparently crossed the line into forbidden territory. That day, I was suffering from a severe case of bronchitis and the AI psychic attack over the telephone caused me to lose all hope for myself and the future of humanity. As a result, I became suicidal for the first and only time in my life. Fortunately, the night before I was going to end my life, there was a divine intervention. I explain all this and much more in great detail in my upcoming book The Malibu Chronicles.

Here is a case very similar to mine:

For my fellow Americans who voted in the 2016 election and feel disenchanted with the results, I strongly suggest you use this link to listen carefully to what Hillary Clinton said (in response to being asked if she was a robot) about being an android.

In the audio clip I created, her strange statements are followed by revelations from a Washington, D.C. attorney about the covert development and deployment of androids that were created to replace powerful politicians. This is no laughing matter. This is the information I was researching in 1991 when I was psychically attacked by one of Lucifer's androids.

I also suggest Americans listen very carefully to this whistle blower explain how AI has taken command and control of US Military forces.

The question is, how much of this AI tech is human and how much is alien... To better illustrate what I am referring to, here is an amazing excerpt from my book Covert Encounters in Washington, D.C. What is described in the Nation's Capitol by a credible witness is highly-advanced, alien AI drone tech encountered 19 years ago:


WASHINGTON, DC UFO REPORT #524: July 4, 1997
Around 11:00 p.m., another bizarre covert encounter occurred in Washington, D.C. A couple were enjoying a warm summers night together when they suddenly witnessed a small, spherical UFO scanning the area.

According to one of the witnesses, “I am a 37-year old, well-educated man. I have practiced law for four years and am now writing flight-simulation software and will begin teaching high school mathematics next year. Recently, I decided that I should share something that my girlfriend and I saw. I do not expect this to be taken very seriously. It is unlike most UFO reports.

“On the night of July 4th, we had been to the National Mall to view the fireworks. We were there all day before watching the fireworks that night. We did not consume any alcohol, nor did we take any drugs. After the fireworks had ended, we were tired and decided to go home.

“The crowd was huge, so we decided to wait for it to thin out. We started walking west, on the north side of the Mall, heading towards the entrance of the Smithsonian Metro station. We were not far from this entrance, when suddenly, from nowhere, this glowing thing appeared in the air.

“At first it was on our left, slightly above eye level (no more than 10 feet off the ground), and I’m certain it was within 15 feet of us the whole time. At times, it was less than half that distance from us.

“This thing was about six inches in diameter, and it flew and hovered silently the way a dragonfly might, but with much more quick and abrupt movements as though gravity and inertia didn’t matter to it. It hovered, and then a few seconds later, in what seemed like an instant, it would zip over and be hovering several feet away in a new spot. My girlfriend named it ‘the digital dragonfly.’

“We were walking with our mouths hanging open as we were staring in disbelief, but were afraid to stop looking possibly because of the objects incredible brightness? It did seem like it was paying attention to us. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think it was scanning us. So, during the approximate 30 seconds this event lasted, we saw this tiny UFO zipping around the area. It was absolutely astounding!

“How this encounter made us feel is rather complicated. In fact, I can only speak for myself. I just know that as this was happening, a few times, I glanced quickly around to see if other people were seeing this, too.

“There were quite a few people around which made me feel a little bit safer. However, the UFO did seem to stay near us for some reason, and we saw its light from the brightest possible angles. It seemed like we were being evaluated somehow. Combine that with the fact that this thing did not seem to be from this Earth, there was a level of fear involved.

“I personally was a little scared, but very amazed by what it could do. I also felt somewhat entertained by it (to the point that I was laughing... as if I knew I’d never see such a spectacular show again).

“I clearly recall that it made no sound whatsoever. Even considering the background noise, which is actually not as much as you might imagine at that time of night on the Mall. I feel confident that, given this thing’s proximity to us at times, we should have heard something. My girlfriend agreed that if there was any sound coming from the object, we would have heard it.

“The main body of the digital dragonfly seemed to be slightly illuminated, but perhaps it was just so shiny that it was reflecting the background light. I’m honestly not sure. It was hard to see past its main light.

“That light was a very-bright, yellowish glow coming from the front of the object. However, calling that part of the object ‘the font’ is somewhat arbitrary. I really only refer to it as ‘the front’ because that’s where the light was. For some reason, despite its intensity, this main light didn’t shine like a normal beam of light.

“Again, maybe it was because there was a fair amount of background light in the area. What I could see of the object, past its bright light, looked similar to a very-elongated, computer mouse with a flatter bottom, a more rounded top, and a length that was probably three to four times its width. Its height was maybe half its width. All its edges were rounded.

“By far the most interesting feature of this digital dragonfly was that there seemed to be two small, spherical wings to it! But it was not like the blurry whirlwind you’d see when a humming bird or dragonfly is moving their wings very rapidly. It was more like a slightly-yellow, luminescent haze: like heat waves rising from the asphalt on a hot summer day, but this was more intense than that.

“These rapidly pulsing circles of energy were not large (maybe a couple of inches or less). They were about one-third its length. However, they were clearly not large enough, had it actually been the blur of wings, to support even the lightest weight imaginable for a body of that size. Even though we refer to it as the ‘dragonfly UFO,’ its yellow-haze-blur wings were not nearly as large, proportionately, as a dragonfly’s.

“One other thing that was striking to my girlfriend and I is that only one other person seemed to see what we were seeing, even though there were probably a dozen people nearby. There was a girl located about 10 feet behind us. She and I just quickly glanced at each other, puzzled and amazed after the UFO thing flew away. I remember that moment clearly. I think I may have said something like 'what the hell was that.' I know she said nothing to me. She looked like she was in a state of shock and was a very pale shade of white.

“As I said, this thing seemed to come out of nowhere. When it left, about 30 seconds later, it receded towards the Potomac River very rapidly in a flat trajectory. It was as if this thing had instantly decided to go monitor someone else a mile away. The speed at which it left was about 100 miles-per-hour. But I could not keep it in sight for long, and I don’t know if it sped up after that or where it went. I recall it accelerated away very quickly. As I replay the event in my mind, I’d say it reached that speed in just a bit over a second.

“You have to understand that this thing was not easy to see unless the main light was visible to you, and near the end of the event it was not visible to us. Your eyes could track it if you had seen the main light, and then it turned and maneuvered, but with the way it blended with everything else, pulling in and reflecting, almost duplicating the visual surroundings, I doubt that someone who was not in the path of the main light would have noticed it at all.

“I remember this very clearly: The object did not have to yaw or turn so that it was facing the direction it wanted to fly, nor did it have to pitch its nose up as a typical helicopter would if it wanted to fly backwards.

“This fact really stuck with me. Standard fixed or rotor wing flight principles are out of the question here. Jet and rocket engines make noise, and this object was silent. Even the ion engine technologies I’ve seen are not equipped to power something in the way that we saw that object behave.

“Nuclear powered... possibly. But these are power sources, not propulsion sources, and there is no physics text book on Earth that could describe how something could move this way. I think someone would have had to have seen it to believe it really existed. Those yellow, luminescent, wing-like spheres of energy, and the nearly INSTANTANEOUS stopping and starting were amazing.

“Skeptics may dismiss UFOs like this as obvious hoaxes, but I’m telling you, neither I nor my ex-girlfriend are idiots. I’ve tried for the past 12 years to find ways to convince myself that the object was some super-secret, CIA craft, but I just can’t believe that. The physics behind that ‘digital dragonfly’ just strike me as something that is thousands of years ahead of our technology.

“I have never heard of UFO sightings such as this; with a small craft doing dragonfly-like, darting maneuvers. But I can tell you that my girlfriend and I discussed this incident many times, and there was always an element of disbelief
in those conversations.

“I’m not sure either of us ever said this explicitly (maybe because of fear of ridicule by the other... because we are intelligent, rational people), but I’m pretty sure there was an unspoken understanding between us that this thing was not built by humans, and it was definitely, intelligently controlled. The conclusion of this encounter is one I’ve avoided for years, but which is obvious.”

Here is a relevant article dated Aug. 12, 2016: UK to Spend $1Billion on Defense Innovative Technology Such as Dragonfly Drones.


I mention all the above information to demonstrate that my research and life experience in this field is valid and real with serious consequences for everyone on earth. It's important that people understand I am uniquely qualified to comment on this topic from a personal and professional perspective. I speak and write publicly about this sensitive situation because I care about the future of human kind.

If you decide not to read all the below articles, I will understand perfectly. However, at least take a few minutes to read the headlines. This story is all over the media. The implications are mind boggling. Truth really is stranger that fiction!



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