October 21, 2017

The Demonic, Deep State Media is not just guilty of selling us fake news, they are using the magic technique of misdirection to pervert our divine powers of perception.

The insane-stream, faux media have worked very hard to divert the public's attention away from the actual location of the horrific mass murder that took place on the night of October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas; aka Sin City.

The faux media wants everyone to only focus on the gunfire that came from the Mandalay Bay; however...


the Route 91 Harvest Country Music concert took place directly in front of the LUXOR, which we can clearly see below.

The faux media also wants us to focus all our attention on an alleged lone gunman (once again), because that magic trick never fails to fool most of the people most of the time.

It has been claimed that the patsy, Stephen Paddock, is a recent recruit to ISIS, which is most likely not true. We do know for certain that in the past he worked for the US Government at the IRS!

We also know his father was a psychopathic, suicidal felon that the FBI arrested in Las Vegas, in 1960, for a series of armed bank robberies, larceny and acting as a con artist that liked to play Bridge. But after being arrested, he somehow managed to escape from prison and elude authorities for a decade?

According to news reports:

However, I find it very revealing that his girlfriend reported to investigators that Stephen would often moan or scream in his sleep, which is most likely why he was taking diazepam.

Therefore, it is possible he was either a victim of mind control and/or he was possessed by demonic entities. Credible independent media sources have indicated he clearly did not, and logistically could not, act as the lone assassin as we have been told by official sources. There were multiple shooters involved at multiple sites in Las Vegas that night.


As confirmation of my conclusion that Stephen was a targeted individual of the Demonic Deep State, below is a truly bizarre public statement from his younger brother Eric Paddock:



A recent news report stated that an autopsy revealed Steve's brain had no tumors or other abnormalities.

For anyone that has not seen the movie Eric was referring to... below is the alien insectoid assassin that comes to earth, kills a man and uses his body/skin as a suit/disguise to hunt his prey.


Coincidentally, the word paddock (which is another word for a corral) means an enclosure for a herd of horses... or in this case... an enclosure for a herd of humans who's souls were harvested and recycled back into the Matrix by Lucifer and his son Satan.

Paddok is also an archaic English word for a frog or toad. But it has a much deeper, darker meaning that directly applies to the recent Satanic Sacrifice in Sin City.

According to Shakespeare on line:

During the Renaissance it was believed that Satan sent witches malicious spirits to help them carry out their evil deeds. These 'familiars' or 'imps' would appear in animal form. The familiar of the First Witch takes the form of a cat (Graymalkin) and the familiar of the Second Witch takes the form of a toad (Paddock).

Both of these evil spirits were characters in Shakespeare's play Macbeth. And there was a murderous, satanic substitute teacher with frog eyes that appeared on the X-Files. Her name was... you guessed it... Mrs. Paddock.

In a news interview, Stephen's brother Eric stopped himself in mid sentence. He was about to say that Eric was an army of one. However, by definition an army is a group of individuals working together.

But on the night of October 17, I found something truly amazing regarding the US Army. Please click the titles below to access the PDF... and wait for them to load into your browser.

The first link is a paper. The second link is a book.

These documents, written by Colonel Paddock, give the reader important insights to psychological warfare as conducted by the US military.

Although I have not yet found a family connection to Stephen Paddock, we do know he worked for the US Postal Service, the IRS and Lockheed Martin. And he most likely worked secretly for the CIA.

And here is another amazing clue placed in plain sight. It is located directly under the words MANDALAY BAY. See the two very tall pillars?

Let's take a closer look...

Remember, this is being called the new 911 on Route 91. And as we move in closer, we can see that someone posted a stunning statement by the pillars. It reads Shooter's Position with a martini glass logo next to it. It is quite possible people were shot from this location, based on eye witness accounts. This is typical of a military operation using triangulation.

Note that the pillars are directly behind the stage.

Now let's reveal what all this really means...


These are the infamous Masonic pillars named BOAZ and JACHIN. Note the all seeing eye of Lucifer at the top of the left image. On the bottom lies a casket.

And note the High Priestess in the right image is wearing a solar cross, which is one of Lucifer's logos that I will explain in detail shortly.

Here is an image that is quite revealing. Again, Lucifer/Enki is the Light Bearer, Lord, God Father over the Matrix he created... symbolized by the pillars. You can click on this image to enlarge and read it.

So, who is the evil entity that is actually responsible for the mass murder in front of the LUXOR (and everywhere else on earth)? You may have guessed by now... it is an angel/god that is known by many names: Lucifer, Enki, Loki, EA, Ptah, Sin, etc.

Before I tell you more about this blood-thirsty "god" and his dysfunctional family, we need to understand that the LUX-WHORE is actually a modern temple of the gods of this Matrix world; specifically Ptah/Lucifer and his son RA/Satan.

For example, here is a revealing email:

"Well we are flat out Satanists in this household anyway. Not LaVeyan Satanism either. We are actually celebrating 'Grand High Climax' (it is our highest holiday) by staying in the giant black pyramid known as Luxor (translates to the source of light) for our Dec. 24th holiday this year (a gift from the Lord Lucifer) ...So you're barking up the wrong tree. I don't blaspheme Lucifer by bowing to oppressor gods, and I certainly am NOT one of you."

To clarify and confirm the above email, please read this Satanic statement:

LUX is Latin for LIGHT. And as we can see, the black pyramid is beaming LUX to the gods above us...

but I strongly suspect this is where the actual assassins and their bosses were staying and coordinating the evil events the night of the Satanic Sacrifice in Las Vegas.

According to Wikipedia:

Luxor was the ancient city of Thebes, the great capital of (Upper) Egypt during the New Kingdom, and the glorious city of Amun [the hidden one], later to become the god Amun-Ra [aka Satan].

The city was regarded in the Ancient Egyptian texts as "the city of the scepter" and "the shrine". Thebes was also known as "the city of the 100 gates", sometimes being called "southern Heliopolis" [sun city]. It was renowned for its high social status and LUXury, but also as a center for wisdom, art, religious and political supremacy.[7]

LUX is also the name of the fictional night club in the FOX TV show...

which takes place in Los Angeles... the city of Angels... where Lucifer works with the police department to locate and punish evil people... when he is not busy drinking and fornicating...

Speaking of Angels... one of the acts at the LUXOR is

Criss Angel is pretending to be Lucifer here... with the radiant glow and All Seeing Eye. And he is wearing a Solar Cross, which is located over his Solar Plexus.

As seen below, the Solar Cross MICRO is the actual shape of a photon (one unit of light). The Solar Cross MACRO is the shape of Lucifer's Matrix/Universe. That is why it is the logo of Lucifer (the Light Bearer) and his son Satan (the Prince of Darkness).

Furthermore, part of Criss Angel's act involved the incredible illusion of him levitating above the top of the black pyramid at the LUXOR...

Does this look familiar? It should.

It is found on the back of every US Dollar Bill

Most people know this as the cap stone...

but it is actually called a pyramidion or ben ben.

It is symbolic of the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes of its cremated body after it burst into flames. This is a metaphor for the Matrix we are participating in. It has the ability to reset itself every time it is seemingly destroyed because it is just a simulation. Like a video game or a movie it can be played over and over again.

The radiant All Seeing Eye is actually Lucifer watching over his creation: The Matrix. He is the god of this world, which is a small part of the simulation he created. The pyramid is another metaphor for his Matrix.

Pyra is Latin for fire. Pyramid means fire in the middle. However, in this case, it is actually an occult reference to an inner/spiritual white light, which I experienced in the so-called King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid in 1975.

I encountered this white light again in 1985 when I was confronted by Lucifer who looked very similar to this drawing from Italy. He had light radiating from his entire being including his eyes... just like the All Seeing Eye over the Great Pyramid on the One Dollar Bill below!

The bird depicted here is actually a Phoenix.

The 2 sides are meant to be folded into 1.

This seal is a magic sigil

It is held by billions of people

It is the Tree of Good and Evil in Eden

It is symbolic of Enki/Lucifer rising again...

For the record, here is an example of a magic sigil

Sigillum is Latin for "a seal"

A magic sigil is used to summon spirits

by invoking their geometrically encoded name

In summary:

On the night of October 1, 2017, a Satanic Sacrifice took place in Sin City. The event on Route 91 was called a Harvest Festival, which is in fact what happened. Most of the souls there were unprepared to leave the Matrix when their body/avatar was deleted/killed. Therefore, they were harvested and recycled back into the Matrix as babies with new families.

Most of them will have no memory of their previous lifetime or how it violently ended, which means their souls are at a disadvantage and can be more easily manipulated to remain in and be devoted to the Matrix. This premeditated sacrifice occurred in front of the LUXOR; a modern temple to Lucifer/Satan that symbolically represents his Matrix/simulation.

This mass murder on Route 91 has been called the new 911, which was by design because the same evil entities were involved. And once again we are being asked to believe this was the work of a lone assassin when there is credible evidence of multiple shooters and military tactical planning and execution of the event.

ISIS is a creation of the Demonic Deep State and it did play a role in the Satanic Sacrifice in Sin City. But that group, just like Al-Qaeda before it, is a creation of the CIA, MI6, the Mossad and the Saudi Royal Family. Here are related articles | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

By the way, Isis is a well known Egyptian goddess who's name and reputation has been hijacked by the dark overlords of Earth that hate her and all womankind.

But the real mastermind behind this event, and all other Satanic Sacrifices here in the Matrix, is Lucifer who is known by many different names, many of which are titles, such as Enki, Enkig, Amanki, Loki, Ea, Ptah, Sin, Aton, Baal, Moloch, Kronos, Nudimmud, Ninssiku, Poseidon, Neptunus, Samael, etc.

He is the Grand Architect of the Matrix. He is the Father of the Archons (our overlords). He is the Father of all lies, etc. He will continue to confuse and control all the souls connected to his Matrix of good and evil, truth and lies, as long as possible.

He has a loyal family and devoted followers that will assist him here in his agenda, which is to be the Lord, God, Father, Savior of the "simulated mankind" in his Matrix universe.

Click the graphic of Enki/Lucifer below to read the New World Encyclopedia's account of what a wonderful god he has been for humanity:


For practical steps anyone can take to rise above the Luciferian game of Good & Evil, please read my related article...


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