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POSTED 5/3/2020



The Fallen Angel Lucifer / Satan / Azazel can be defeated. It’s quite simple, though time is short, as they will be returning soon.

The religions of man have deceived the world by hiding this secret with their false doctrines and traditions of how they mark time.

I’ll try to make this short. From it’s beginning, Christianity has followed the Roman religion of Mithraism, which originated in Babylon. In 46 BC the Roman calendar was created which was a game changer for the deception of the religions of man. The time line of the Messianic writings is the Roman calendar. Yet Judaism uses a lunar calendar that was adopted from Babylon during and after the exile in the fifth century BC.

During the Roman conquest of Jerusalem the Roman calendar was forced upon the Pharisee of the time. With this change, the Pharisee kept their lunar calendar, but transferred their Sabbath to the Roman calendar. Islam would do the same by declaring the Roman calendar day of Friday would be their Sabbath. Christianity obeys the edict of emperor Constantine with a Roman calendar day of Sunday Sabbath.

So, the big three religions of man have pinned their Sabbath to a Roman calendar that didn’t exist before the year 46 BC. Exodus 31:13 commands us to guard the Sabbath “ABOVE ALL”. The Sabbath is a “SIGN” between us and our Father. Revelation 7, we see 144,000 sealed and protected with this “SIGN” of our Father. Revelation 14, we see these 144,000 on Mt. Tsiyon with the returning Messiah. They are called maidens, the bride of Messiah. They are found blameless before the throne of our Father. They are a special possession forever.

So, why such a small number of people when billions of Christians, Jews and Muslims observe a Sabbath? It’s all about how we mark time. Christians use a calendar that didn’t exist before 46 BC. Judaism and Islam use a lunar calendar for which they have no scriptural instructions to formulate. In fact, the lunar calendar is rebuked in Isaiah 1:13-14, Jubilees 6:36-38 and elsewhere. But all have pinned their Sabbath to the calendar of Rome, the seat of Lucifer / Satan / and his associates.

Here is the Secret. One man was given the wisdom and authority to reveal the calendar of our Father. His name is Enoch, the seventh from Adam. Jubilees 4:16-18 declares this fact. The only scriptural instructions to formulate a calendar system are found in chapters 72-82 of the book of Enoch. It is only by this means of marking time that the true Sabbath of our Father can be identified.

This calendar system is also confirmed in the book of Jubilees. The religions of man have banned these two books as well as other books of the Apocrypha. I have a Facebook group to teach and discuss the calendar at the link below, should you find this of interest. You need not join the group to read the materials in the files section of the group.

Click the files tab under the group photo to access a list of PDF’s that will explain every aspect of the calendar:

I can prove the calendar I present is exactly correct per the instructions of Enoch. The calendar comes with a phenomena. In astronomy circles it’s called the Spring Phenomena. This phenomena occurs on alternating cycles of eight and eleven years. When this phenomena occurs, the lunar calendar of Judaism aligns with the calendar of Enoch for the first month of the scriptural new year.

This phenomena occurred on the crucifixion year of 30 AD, proving Messiah did not follow the lunar calendar of Judaism, nor the Sabbath of the Roman calendar. This phenomena last occurred on the scriptural new year of 2015, with a notable total solar eclipse over Europe.

Thank you for your time.




We have heard a lot about your wonderful UNICUS magazine but can't find where we can subscribe to it. PLEASE HELP!


Sorry Lew. We only offer digital copies of our back issues at this time. The UNICUS web site is where we publish all our material now. Most of the content is free and it reaches a global audience with a push of a button, which is truly amazing. It is like magic compared to the old-school print editions that were mailed out.


Robert *



I am 63 now and former law Enforcement since 1974 but have tons of experience since I was a child. It seems like I have experienced doing Good over evil since I was born.

I caught part of your interview with George Noory a little late, but find what I did hear very fascinating. I am well read and know all kinds of things due to my former work in the Government and the U.S. Secret Service.

I'm going to try to listen to the rerun as well. It sounds like you have a very special connection to the Truth about the Evil sources in our Universe? This is not the first time I have heard this theory of Evil benefiting over bad things, people or actions. God must have a special purpose for me as well as you and others.

I was brought up in a Christian faith and also studied Buddhism as well as other religions in college. My Martial Arts background in Japan is my connection to other religions since I traveled every 3 years as my Father was Military 30 years. I hear now that you are in Asia? I lived at Atsugi/or off base and attended Camp Zama high school.

I have a website listed below and I have a book pending publishing on Government corruption.Corruption has gotten worse than ever before. I also do "research" as it pretains to my law enforcement careers and a private investigator. I have learned many things, but that Human are such liars and will Betray so there aren't many People that I will call "Friend" or Trust.

Have you heard of Ron Wyatt and his archaeological work ? (You brought up the DNA subject and Ron(deceased) claims to have found blood from Jesus at the Ark of the Covenant) The DNA was done and it had 23 X (female) source and 1 Y chromosome ET/Angelic source. DNA is the Key to life and development......... I've seen or heard some interviews that indicate that "God" is a Human construct? That the universe is full of aliens in space ships which do experiments on Humans and others. Our understanding is very basic and based on false information. However, I do believe in a Supreme Being or Creator and Angels, aliens, and many other beings. We are not alone.

What bothers me is this theory of Reincarnation and NOT being able to remember. I was just recently told by someone that we reincarnate through ALL Others lives on this planet. That could take forever . Even Jesus supposedly reincarnated 12 times and went back to Heaven or another Dimension.(I am familiar with the terms or ideas of Inter-dimensional Beings and Travel. I find the idea of Free choice interesting as you would think Prayer would be answered when you pray, but freedom of choice is what the other elements thrive on?

I am not shocked at anything in Nature. I have seen some weird things that weren't easily explained. But I figure it was some sort of communication to be from a loved one recently passed over. I know there are many solar systems, but only recently had someone explain that there may also be multiple Universes..(That is very hard to comprehend. It is like trying to comprehend WHO is in charge or who made the universe, or How did live start or is there God? Etc...An infinite number of lives and theories of how Life was created....Yes, very "mind boggling".

I am familiar with the Secret UFO bases like Dulce, N.M. and others Are you familiar with ??? Aliens meeting with President Eisenhower at Holloman AFB. or other locations with Secret Service (2 agents were present that were later in Dallas in 1963 with JFK) Later meeting and also Treaties since 1947 with Aliens and our U.S. Presidents. Valiant Thor had a meeting with Eisenhower in the same time frame...The Vice President was Richard M. Nixon.(Paranoid and never met with Aliens he says)

So much to talk about .........I'm still listening to your interview. Please feel free to contact me. I spend my spare time trying to help others and there are some unsolved homicides and I do radio interviews regarding Corruption in our government or U.S. Customs.



Dearest brother,

I recently read about you on the Coast to Coast email I receive each morning.

I was truly surprised to read your info about the race of beings that are due to return here in the very near future.

You see I have also been shown and had revealed  the exact same message. In the info. given me, the 'Annunaki' as I know them to be, are already on there way back here. Once they arrive, they are going to represent themselves as Earths saviors; just as you stated. Although I was told that they will offer to certain people "Physic Powers" unlike anything that humanity has ever seen before!!

The problem is that anyone receiving these "Gifts", will then be turned into "Puppets", to do the bidding of their Annunaki Masters. I have been being prepared for this event that is coming.

Should you wish to engage in further dialog I would consider it my honor to be able to share with you all that I know.



Vietnam Veteran, and Overcomer!

Anchorage, Alaska


Dear Editor,

I recently come across your  information and it is like a breath of fresh air to me. In one interview you mentioned you would reply to any question someone sends, so I do hope you are not too busy or bothered to answer.

I was wondering if you have any insight on the phenomenon of the Hum some people on this planet hear.

I started hearing it a few years ago, and have had to make an effort to not let it get to me. I have not found any explanation of it that seems to completely resonate.

I do not think it is geographical as I have moved over 2000 mi from where I first heard it and I hear it just the same here. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated and/or if you can point me in a direction of some resources to review this topic.

Thank you for all you do.


Dear Alesia,

Thank you very much for contacting me...

Although it is a very large task, I answer all my email as time permits.

I am sorry you are suffering. You are not the only one hearing this strange sound.

I believe this Hum is coming from the Tesseract on Saturn:


Robert *




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