updated 6/17/2018

‘Stick to peace’: China warns Japan to remain pacifist as Tokyo eyes military return

The Dark Roots Of A Japanese Cult In The Horrendous Nanjing Massacre

Alien swarm? 10 UFO-like objects filmed flying over Japan

Japanese defense minister denies aliens have invaded Japan

The Archon ETs do not need to invade a small chain of islands... they are in control of the entire planet: air, sea, land and space. However, they have visited Japan many times... and that is in the public record.

Japan to the Rescue? New Deal Allows Tokyo to Defend US Forces Worldwide

Japan eyes possible contribution of $1.5 billion to China’s AIIB

Japan Blasts World’s Most Powerful Laser

Japan Fires The World's Most Powerful Laser

Japan to Equip Two Warships With Laser Weapons

Japan Suspends US Military Base Relocation Work for 1 Month

Potential Abe successor speaks out against security bills

Tokyo Expects US Explanations on NSA Spying on Japanese Government

Japan’s political culture stands at major crossroads

War crimes against Japanese during WWII

The indefensible Hiroshima revisionism that haunts America to this day

Hiroshima, 70 Years Later: Why the United States Bombed the Japanese City

Harrowing Accounts From Hiroshima Survivors

56% of Americans still believe Hiroshima bombing was justified

US will never apologize for Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Most Japanese Believe the US Should Apologize for Atomic Bombings

International tribunal should try 1945 US nuke attacks on Japan

Exclusion of nonnuclear principles from Abe's Hiroshima speech causes stir

Red Cross Still Treats Thousands of Survivors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki Atomic Bombings

US schools teach 'Japan nuclear attacks ended WWII’

Russian TV Makes Short Documentary about Japanese Atomic Bombings

Atomic Message: 70 years after Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombing



Japan’s Proposed National Security Legislation: Will This Be the End of Article 9 and the beginning of Japan's re-militarization?

70 Years After Hiroshima: How Japan's Emperor Announced the End of World War II

Japanese Nagasaki bomb survivor reveals scars 70 years later

The Real Reason the US Dropped the A-Bomb on Japan

Dropping "The Bomb" On Hiroshima And Nagasaki Was Never Justified

The Dark Roots Of A Japanese Cult In The Horrendous Nanjing Massacre

Japan Fukushima Nightmare Coverup Hiding Leukemia, Cancers And Sudden Heart Attacks

With World Focused On North Korea, Japan Quietly Expands Its Military Might

Warhead Lab Leaks Killed Thousands In The Fukushima Disaster

Japan's secret Atomic-Bomb project no one wants to address

Lethal radiation levels but no melted fuel found in Fukushima reactor water

Putin: Russia Ready to Help Japan in Fukushima Post-Nuclear Disaster Cleanup

10,000 Year Old "Lost Pyramid City" Found In Japan?

Banned chemicals contaminate groundwater near US bases on Okinawa

Japan Declares Crisis As Fukushima Reactor Begins Falling Into Ocean And Radiation Levels Soar

The Origins of the Japanese people

Fukushima/Scientists "Will Leak Until the End of Time/Radiation/Europe

Japanese nuclear plant just recorded an astronomical radiation level

Fukishima cleaning robot pulled from reactor after camera gets damaged by massive radiation levels inside tsunami disaster site

The Untold Dangers of Fukushima Exposed

TEPCO Admits Fukushima Radiation Levels Reach Record Highs As Hole In Reactor Discovered

'Scorpion' robot mission inside Fukushima reactor aborted

Media Blackout Over "Unimaginable" Radiation Levels detected at Fukushima

New Powerful 5.6 Earthquake Rocks Fukushima

Japan ponders recycling Fukushima soil for public parks & green areas

Contaminated Fukushima Water Storage Tanks "Close To Capacity", TEPCO Admits

Tokyo to Install Advanced Missiles Near East China Sea’s Contested Islands

Japan to expand African military base to counter Chinese influence

Fukushima - The Untouchable Eco-Apocalypse No One is Talking About

Fukushima decommissioning costs soar to at least $24bn

Crippled Fukushima Reactor Fully Exposed for the First Time Since 2011 Disaster

Japan Gives Go-Ahead to Another Nuclear Reactor to Serve Beyond 40 Years Limit

Japan, Social Engineering and the Blatant Depopulation Agenda

Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean - And It's Going to Get Worse

Japan May Deploy US Bases on South Kurils if Gains Control Over Islands

US, Japan Finalize New Military Cooperation Amid Tensions With China

Tokyo, Washington Agree To Move Forward With Okinawa Land Return

Washington’s Will: Japan to Increase 'Engagement' in South China Sea

The Fukushima Disaster and the Future of Nuclear Power in Japan

Russia to Japan: US missile defense in Asia-Pacific poses security risks

Japan’s Unit 731 and the Atomic Bombing of Japan

Growing Global Ambitions: Japan and UK Developing Stealth Fighter Super-Rocket

Japanese military asks for record $50bn defense budget to oppose China, N. Korea

Russia is ready to compromise with Japan

Japan authorizes commercial flounder ‘test-fishing’ off Fukushima

Typhoons cause failure of ‘ice wall’ around Fukushima reactors — Highly radioactive water flowing into ocean

Radioactive Food and Water the New Normal in Japan

Fukushima Backlash Hits Japan Prime Minister. Fukushima is NOT under Control

TEPCO dismantles safety wall around crippled Fukushima reactor building

Volcano near Japanese nuclear plant to see major eruption within 25 years, scientists warn

Japan to join US Navy’s ‘training cruises’ in South China Sea

Japan Court Rules Against Okinawa Governor Attempt to Bloc Relocation of US Base

Radiation so High at Fukushima, TEPCO’s Robots can’t Survive

Japan’s ‘Hail Mary’ at Fukushima Daiichi: An Underground Ice Wall

Public Cost Of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Continues to Rise

Tokyo Hopes To Lift No Go Zone Order In Fukushima In Next Five Years

Japan Vows to Develop New Land-to-Sea Missile to Protect Disputed Islands

US Asia-Pacific Ramp-Up: Will Japan Become Washington’s Regional Foot Soldier?

Japan plans missile to test Chinese strategy in East China Sea







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