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Hosted by Robert M. Stanley

Robert will be broadcasting his controversial talk show both live, and pre-recorded, from the streaming media player located on this page. The playlist for our radio station features a unique mix of music, comedy, news and talk shows. You never know what you will hear. So, stay tuned!

To contact the show please use Skype ID  unicuseditor or email editor@unicusmagazine.com

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News, Views, and Open Lines

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More News, Views, and Open Lines


Satanism, Medicines and Memory, Economic Hit Men


Area 51, Aliens in Norse Mythology, Nazi Nukes


Healing and Defending Our Souls


An Update From Dr. J on People that Hear Voices that do Harm


A Real Case of Demonic Possesion and Exorcism


Gold Artifacts of the Southwest, the Travis Walton Case,

and Health, Healing and Spirtual Insights 


Private Property on the Moon vs the UN Lunar Treaty,

Scientology's Super Powers and Elvs in Iceland 


Positive Changes in our Group Consciousness 2013 - 2025 


JFK, James Forrestal, Admiral Byrd, Nazis, Mind Control 


Obama's Apology, the NSA the Navy and Nikola Tesla 


The Spiritual Side of Elvis, the Demise of the Controllers 


Controllers vs. the Creators of Earthlings 

( 9-20-2013)

Neutralizing the Mind Control Effects of The New World Order  


The Antidote for Evil on Earth


Fickle Finger of Fate Friday the 13th


A Tale Of Two Timelines


Ancient Shamanic Teachings of Hawaii 


Supernatural Legends and Lore of Indonesia


Amazing Artifacts in Australia 


Native Americans and the Star People  


Exposing the Demons in Washington, D.C.


The Full Circle Project


Faction 14, the Velon and Soul Re-integration 


Connecting with the Cosmos 


Light Warrior of The Silver Legion 


Current Events in The News  


How to Photograph UFOs Hiding Near The Sun 


The Angst of Alien Abuctions 


Lyme Disease, Electro-Shock Therapy, Ancient Artifacts, etc. 


A Tribute to our Friend Kevin Smith RIP: 1953 - 2013 


It's Time for Soul Re-integration 


Planet-X and the Future of Earth 


A Candid Coversation with an Indigo Ray Child 

( 8-13-2013)

RFID Chip in Napoleon's Head - Tampering with our Timeline 


A General Discussion on World Events 




The World is not Coming to an End 


Cosmic Encounters in New York  


Once Upon a Missing Time  


Update on The Perils of the Portals 


Maintaining our Spiritual Health 


Interview with Another Time Portal Traveler 




Email and Phone Calls from the Audience  


Salem Witch Trials and UFOs in New England 


Bio-Acoustic Healing  




Fallen Angels on Earth and Beyond 


Interview with a Psychic Surgeon part 2


Open Casting Call for ETs Living on Earth 


Health Benefits of Swedish Pollen Extract  


Evil is an Infection and it's Time to get Well  


What is the Shadow Government?  


ETs Influence on Musicians of Earth 


What the Bleep is Going on in Washington DC?  


Interview with a Psychic Surgeon  part 1 


Mysteries of Mount Shasta  


Current Events and Updates 


Megalithic Mysteries of our Ancient Ancestors  


Why are we Being Lied to and Spied on?  


Update on the Ankle Biter Archons Among Us  


Why UFOs Can not be Disclosed by Washington D.C. 


What is your Life's Purpose? 


Islamic, Demonic Possesion  


April Fools Show   

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Insights from an Australian Shaman

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Insights from researcher Robert Morningstar


UFO Info. Censorship in the US Media


News & Views from Earth to Mars and Beyond


Lessons on how to become Telepathic


A new Space Race, NDE's and the Land of Light


Alcohol is the Fuel of the Future


Legends of Bigfoot and Lizard Man in America?


Are We Anunnaki?


Operation 40, Angels, Life After Death, Ancient Artifacts


Celluar Health and Telemorase, Comet ISON


The NSA, Ancient Subterranean Cities of the Southwest and

the Evil Reptilian Overlords of Earth 


Photographic Evidence of Ongoing UFO Activity in DC 


Practical, Eco-Friendly Technologies for the Future 


Schizophrenia, brain implants, modern crucifixion, NASA

sleep study, myths of Jesus, and insights about ETs 


It's Time to Unleash our True Potential 


Clinical Pyschologist Affirms Demons are Real 


Expedition to a Lost City in the Amazon Jungle  


What the Heck is Happening in Washington DC?  


Music is Good for the Soul  


The Dark Deception of Mankind  


Hearing Voices in Your Head?  


Nuclear Waste Radiation Neutralization


Graduating to a Higher Frequency


Preparing for the Events of 2012


Photos of Aliens in Washington, D.C.  


Native American Thanksgiving in New England


Are Peaceful Extraterrestrials Really Living Covertly on Earth?


The History of the Mormon Church and the Future of Mankind


A Discussion About the Pagan Origins of the Bible


The Hidden History of CIA Operative Barack Obama


A New Physics Model of Energy and Consciousness


How to Survive Nuclear and Natural Disasters 


Angels and Aliens in the Bible 


Are Evil Aliens Manipulating Human Relationships?


What are the Good ETs Doing to assist the People of Earth? Part 1 


What are the Good ETs Doing to Assist the People of Earth? Part 2


Are human aliens visiting Earth from bases on the moon?


Where is Humanity Headed in 2012 and Beyond? Part 1


Energy Technologies That will be Available in 2012 and Beyond 


Where is Humanity Headed in 2012 and Beyond? Part 2


Another Biblical Discussion Regarding God and Man 


A Candid Conversation with a Retired CIA Officer 


Are Cosmic Snakes Contolling us? 


Where is Humanity From and Where are we Going? 


Will the Global Economy Collapse? 


Scientific Studies Reveal the Power of Prayer 


The New Paradigm Project 


The Hidden History of Humanity


Yoga, ETs and self empowerment


The influence of Sharia Law in the USA


What does the US Government Really Know about UFOs?


Who was Hermes and what was his Message to Mankind?


Eternal Knowledge imparted by ETs to Average Americans




Insights About the Future of Mankind


Fallen Angels Among Us


Close Encounters in Colorado


A New Perspective of the Universe


The Paranormal History of New England


Above Top Secret NATO study on UFOs and ETs


Mankind's Evolving Relationship with the Unknown


An Alien Halloween


Ongoing Covert Alien Activity in Washington, D.C.


Shoot Them Down: UFO Battles over the USA in 1952


Episode 1: the Dark Side of NASA



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