by Robert M. Stanley


You probably have noticed there are many truly transformational events unfolding on Earth in 2012. Every day, more and more people are beginning to awaken from their hypnotic, dormant state of mind. But there are also people, like you, that are already awake and consciously radiating their soul's light. I know that many activated light workers are connecting with each other to help the Earth and all life on it evolve. The information on this page is designed to assist them focus their soul light at specific times and specific locations for the maximum positive effect. This is a process known as group alchemy which dramatically increases the vibratory rate of the souls in an intended evolutionary target zone.


I was spiritually awakened in 1985 when I ascended into the light and met a radiant, loving entity who told me he was my father. He looked something like the below photo I created of myself at night in the mystic mountains where we first met. I encountered this being after I was attacked by Archon/Demonic entities and decided to meditate for hours, under the moon and stars, desperate and alone on a mountain top in the last remaining wilderness in Malibu.

click on the photo above to read about my close encounter with my father in the light

I am not the only person to encounter a radiant being.

Above is an illustration from Italy of the same type of advanced soul.

However, this is not his primal state (see illustration below of a human soul).


Due to the growing darkness in the souls of some people here on Earth, I recently asked my father of light what we could do collectively to speed up our transition to a higher frequency and tune up and into the intelligent, living light of Creation. In response, I was given two exercises for individual and group alchemy which are as follows:

Step 1

Your soul is a radiant bubble of energy in an infinite ocean of intelligent, living, light.

Visualize your soul's light expanding and touching the center of our galaxy.


Step 2

Know that your soul's light can reach into any corner of the cosmos via your consciousness.

Visualize your soul's light beaming down from "Heaven" to these specific locations:


Washington, D.C.




These cities are fortresses of darkness for the Earth's shadow government.

The dark souls dwelling there will greatly benefit from your loving light/energy/consciousness.


Step 3

Visualize your soul's light beaming down from "Heaven" to the center of:


The Sun

The Earth

The Moon

Why should light workers participate in this project?

These celestial spheres will use the loving light/energy/consciousness you send them to heal and evolve life on Earth into the light.

This process will accelerate the soul evolution of our society and our stabilize life in our planetary solar system.

How does this work?

Scientific data has recently been published that proves we are beings of intelligent light. The core of our soul light exist in a higher plane off the planet. Our bodies, our cities and even our Sun/Earth/Moon system all absorb radiant light/energy from the cosmos. Over time, that intelligent light/energy is processed, filtered and then released back into the cosmos.

At this time, there are benevolent beings from other worlds and other dimensions that are assisting us behind the scenes, but they would appreciate our help because in time (after the entities from the dark side are dispelled) we will need to take on more and more personal responsibility for our affairs.

Why target these three cities?

As conclusively reported in my new book... there are demonic entities controlling the affairs of man.

Also known as "Satan's City," this location really needs to be disinfected by our collective soul light.

The sister city to Washington, D.C., is Rome and the Vatican which also has its share of demonic entities.

It will also benefit greatly from exposure to our collective soul light.

Third, there is London which has the same corrupt power system as Washington, D.C., and the Vatican.


And then there is our Sun/Earth/Moon which is a collective effort to create and evolve life in the cosmos.

Although there are benevolent beings currently working to stabilize and improve

conditions for our matrix we have an opportunity to assist in this process.

The Sun/Earth/Moon all have cores where energy is received and transmitted.


The Sun/Earth/Moon are connected by a dynamic, living, intelligent energy.







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