Comparison of three ancient stone statues in Malibu with modern statues found around the world


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Interview with author Robert M. Stanley



Yes, the site is open to the public and it is located in the west end of the Santa Monica Mountains. You can use this link to download a trail map marking the location of the monuments in Malibu. I have also provided detailed driving instructions so anyone that is interested can visit the site when they are in the Los Angeles area. I suggest you use this link to see more photos of the megalithic monuments.



I found them by accident... or, at least that's how it felt to me at the time. Here is how it happened. During the fall equinox of September 21, 1985 I was attacked by etheric, parasitic creatures that feed off dark energy emitted by humans when we physically or emotionally hurt ourselves or others. At the time of the attack, I was working as a security guard at a private beach in Malibu.

You can click here to learn more about these inter-galactic, alien parasites which the Gnostics called Archons. Below are two photos of the parasite.

Later that day in 1985, after being attacked by the paranormal parasites, I went to a mountain top in Malibu and meditated/prayed for help. That night, I had an out-of-body experience and entered into a dimension of white light. While there, I came face-to-face with a radiant being that said he was "my Father." He looked similar to the below photo of me holding a candle under the full moon except he was much brighter. And, the drawing below from Italy is very simliar to what I saw that night because there was light coming from his eyes as well as the rest of his body.


A few weeks after my encounter, I returned to the same location in the Santa Monica Mountains to see if I could have further contact the luminous man who claimed to be "my Father" and ask him some questions. That's when I accidentally discovered the megalithic monuments.

In retrospect, I had reoccurring lucid dreams of these ancient ruins many times as a child growing up in Malibu. However, I was not able to actually step foot on this site until I was 25 years old. You can read more about this event by using this link.



Well, I know he came in response to my plea for help with the paranormal parasites. And although it has taken me nearly three decades to accurately answer this question, while reading through the Wes Pense Papers, in fall of 2014, I realized that this individual is a multi-dimensional extraterrestrial known as Prince Enki of the Royal House of Orion. Enki is the entity that created the ancient monuments and underwater UFO base in Malibu prior to the great flood.

Prince Enki is an amphibious being (also known as Lucifer) who believes he is the Father and Saviour of mankind on Earth. However, in fact, it was Enki's half-brother Enlil and their mother Queen Nin of Orion who originally created the Earth/Gaia/Terra, and all life here, as a paradise planet long ago.

It took a lot of effort to finally learn the truth, but I now know that it was Prince Enki (Lucifer), approximately half-a-million years ago, that started a civil war after being denied ascendency to the Kingship of the Orion Empire. I believe he was denied this position of power due to his being infected by the mental parasites that he accidentally created. Please click here to learn more about these inter-galactic, mind parasites.

In time, the brutal civil war reached our solar system and devastated Earth/Gaia and turned our planet into a prison populated by genetically engineered slaves. Just like the people of Earth, most ETs are peaceful and creative while a minority are violent and destructive due to covert mental manipulation by the mental parasites created by Enki/Lucifer.

To hear me discussing the Luciferian Agenda on Coast to Coast AM use this link. And you can also click here to read about some of the human ETs that have either visited Earth or are still living among us covertly.




If you want learn more please read this excerpt of the Wes Pense Papers which explains the destruction of Lemuria in great detail. However, in general, we know the Chumash Indians lived in the Malibu area for approximately 11,000 years. Here is a link to a Los Angeles Times article stating that the oldest humans remains found in North America were located on the islands off the coast of Malibu. These monuments existed prior to that time and were not created by the Chumash.

When I showed some of the Chumash elders photos of the stone statues I found in the mountains of Malibu they told me that this was the work of the "first people" who were destroyed in a flood. After the flood, the Chumash people were created by the gods which is exactly what the Sumerian myths tell us took place.

Here is a link to another article from the Los Angeles Times reporting how the Chumash had returned to Malibu. I was fortunate to participate in the re-awakening of that ancient village not far from where I grew up at Zuma Beach. And here is an article given to me by a Chumash elder that explains how his society remained strong for thousands of years, in part, by adopting others into their circle.




Yes. One of these artifacts is a cylinder seal (like those found in Sumeria) which, when rolled across wet clay, accurately prints a star map of the Belt of Orion. You can use this link to see some of the artifacts that have been found in the area so far.

I am sure there are more artifacts that will be made public now that this story is reaching a lot more people through the radio and Internet. Use can these link to listen to my interview on Coast to Coast AM: | Hour 1 | Hour 2 | And, you can also use this link to watch my interview on Exopolitics. Use this link to read an article from The Malibu Times about this story.



Yes. During the late 1980s and early 1990s my friends and I had many close encounters with UFOs while visiting this strange site near Point Mugu naval base. A majority of the encounters occurred at night. You can use this link to read my article and see photos of UFOs in my home town of Malibu.



Yes. Directly off the coast from the megalithic monuments is an ancient, aquatic UFO base that was constructed by the Annunaki gods. Keep in mind, the base in Malibu is just one of many such underwater bases around the world. Human military forces are well aware of this and have limited interaction and access to these facilities. Please use this link to learn more about aquatic military bases located around the world.

I lived in Malibu from 1962 to 1986 and had multiple close encounters with UFOs during that time. I suggest you use this link to learn more about that subject. If you use that link you will see I acquired many images of the underwater, man-made structure in Malibu in 2010 and found other related structures in the South Pacific in 2013.



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